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itty bitty

Extremely small; tiny. Come on, Catherine, just try an itty bitty bite—if you don't like it, you don't have to eat the rest. You're scared of the neighbor's dog? But he's so itty bitty—he couldn't hurt you if you let him!
See also: bitty, itty


 and itsy-bitsy
very small. (Childish.) I remember when you was just an itty-bitty baby. Gramma sewed with itsy-bitsy stitches.


and itsy-bitsy (ˈɪdiˈbɪdi and ˈɪtsiˈbɪtsi)
mod. tiny. Give me an itsy-bitsy piece. I’m on a diet.
References in classic literature ?
Isn't him ze darlingest itty sing," crooned Anne, hanging over the arm of her chair adoringly.
Can a child who is constantly called `tweet itty wee singie' ever attain to any proper conception of his own being and possibilities and destiny?
Babies want love and cuddling and all the sweet baby talk they can get, and Little Jem is going to have it, bless his dear itty heartums.
3) Scott Eblin, "How to Silence Your Itty Bitty Committee," Government Executive-Management (June 16, 2016).
Itty saying he hoped its success would motivate other major shopping malls to take part in the future.
Itty said: "Social responsibility doesn't need money or big infrastructure.
The Itty Bitty Bible includes every page of the Good Book reduced 285 times onto a card that is about the same size as a credit card.
For professionals, and for owners who want to understand their itty bitty cars better, this manual supplants the previous edition (through 2004 models) to include two more model years of coverage and new repair info for the convertible and the 2005 facelift.
With a little help from ace producer and session musicians Percy Robinson and John McHugh, she recorded the Alan Jackson classic Itty Bitty, the Johnny Cash hit Ring of Fire, the popular title track Love Bug, Tonight the Heartaches on Me penned by the Dixie Chicks and Let 'er Rip, a Billy Crain and Sandy Ramos number.
Pat Valenzuela completed a stakes double at Santa Anita, winning the Grade 2 San Pasqual Handicap on High Limit and the Grade 3 Santa Ysabel Stakes aboard Itty Bitty Pretty.
ZELCO, maker of the Itty Bitty Book Light, will unveil three products at the New York Gift Fair in January.
As if he were reading to us kids again, George said we don't need itty bitty tax cuts, we need some Papa Bear-sized tax cuts.
JOHNCY ITTY was elected the Episcopal church's first "Generation X" bishop, a sign of hope for young clergy in a church where only 4 percent of priests are under the age of 35.
Seldom takes in Custis and the baby to live with him on his Itty Bitty Farm, and at last Custis finds a home.