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itty bitty

Extremely small; tiny. Come on, Catherine, just try an itty bitty bite—if you don't like it, you don't have to eat the rest. You're scared of the neighbor's dog? But he's so itty bitty—he couldn't hurt you if you let him!
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Very small or petite; tiny. May I have an itty-bitty bite of your salmon? I just want a taste of it. How can you be afraid of such an itty-bitty spider?
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 and itsy-bitsy
very small. (Childish.) I remember when you was just an itty-bitty baby. Gramma sewed with itsy-bitsy stitches.
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and itsy-bitsy (ˈɪdiˈbɪdi and ˈɪtsiˈbɪtsi)
mod. tiny. Give me an itsy-bitsy piece. I’m on a diet.
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The Itty Bitty Bible includes every page of the Good Book reduced 285 times onto a card that is about the same size as a credit card.
ZELCO, maker of the Itty Bitty Book Light, will unveil three products at the New York Gift Fair in January.
The extensive programming includes swimming classes, swim and dive teams, synchronized swimming, water basketball, water polo, lifeguard training, and the "Itty Bitty Beach Party" for children six and younger complete with games, swimsuit contests and flowery leis.
As if he were reading to us kids again, George said we don't need itty bitty tax cuts, we need some Papa Bear-sized tax cuts.
JOHNCY ITTY was elected the Episcopal church's first "Generation X" bishop, a sign of hope for young clergy in a church where only 4 percent of priests are under the age of 35.
Seldom takes in Custis and the baby to live with him on his Itty Bitty Farm, and at last Custis finds a home.
First up are "Itty Bitty HeartBeats," an animated musical series for young children, and a musical called "Masada," a passionate love story in which hope triumphs over hatred.
Here's one student's myth about her pot: "Star Dust lives on the side with the itty bitty starts and Sun Dust lives on the side with the huge sun.
In "Itty `The Human' Snibb Was More or Less Born Again," Itty, a business mogul dwarf, is sucked from his airplane because the flight attendant's sister once caught the eye of a NASA engineer, resulting in a defunct satellite colliding with Itty's plane.
Itty Bitty Baby specializes in clothes for premature infants and babies up to one year and another company, Pettersen Infant Products, of Flin Flon, has made a success of Baby Trekker infant carriers for more than eight years.
You'll get tips on buying a microscope to using it to investigate insect larvae, crustaceans, and other itty bitty buggies from your neighborhood pond or puddle.
Here's one question that could go with the answer itty bitty kitty:
In the video, the Sports Illustrated model can be seen gyrating and bouncing in an itty bitty bikini, demonstrating how to do the "Cat Daddy" dance while on a magazine shoot.
"Each foot represents a year of Mandela's commitment to community work," George Itty, CEO of NSR, told Gulf News.