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be an item

To be a romantic couple. I thought Luke and Andrea broke up—is it true that they're an item again?
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big-ticket item

A purchase that is particularly expensive. The pop star was always drawn to frivolous big-ticket items, such as sports cars and rare works of art. We've never had much money, so a brand new furniture set is something of a big-ticket item for us.
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collector's item

An item that is especially noteworthy for its value, rarity, and/or history and would thus be prized by someone who collects such things. We went through my grandfather's attic and came upon a number of different collector's items, from rare toys to vintage rifles.
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hot item

1. Something that is selling very well. That toy has been a hot item in my store for months—I can barely keep it in stock!
2. A particularly passionate romantic couple. A: "Mike and Sue sure seem like a hot item these days." B: "I know, they can hardly keep their hands off each other!"
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line item

A singular detail or unit of information, as of a financial report or a piece of legislation. The auditor wants to go through every single line item from the company's general ledger and financial statements to look for any irregularities. The council member argued that cutting this line item from the budget would have a devastating impact on public schools.
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collector's item

An object of great interest, value, or rarity, as in This necklace is a collector's item. Originating in the early 1900s as collector's piece, a usage still common in Britain, the term in its present form is occasionally transferred to persons as well, as in The Beach Boys became a collector's item on the tour. [c. 1930]
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be an item

If two people are an item, they are having a romantic or sexual relationship. She and Gino were an item.
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be an item

(of a couple) be involved in an established romantic or sexual relationship. informal
1997 Independent ‘It is fair to say they are an item but they are not engaged,’ said one of Mr Brown's closest confidantes.
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be an ˈitem

(informal) be involved in a romantic or sexual relationship: Are they an item?
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hot item

1. n. an item that sells well. This little thing is a hot item this season.
2. n. a romantically serious couple. Sam and Mary are quite a hot item lately.
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big-ticket item, a

An expensive purchase; a large outlay. Ticket refers either to the price tag or to the banking term meaning a preliminary record of a transaction before it is posted in a permanent book of account. The term originated in the United States about 1940 and is a borderline cliché.
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* Maintain required prescribed storage conditions, particularly for shelf life items which are hazardous materials.
Hold on to appraised items. "When you have your items appraised, hold on to them.
Under the 2006 proposed regulations, certain items (such as the adjusted basis of inventory and deductions for depreciation and amortization expenses) must be determined using historical exchange rates.
"As recently reported by the IRS, the amount claimed as deductions in tax year 2003 for clothing and household items was more than $9 billion.
In a team effort between the Property & Equipment (P & E) Policy Office and program management offices across the country, the DoD has established the initial value of every item of military equipment in its inventory after reviewing more than 1,100 military equipment programs.
Thus, the use of scenarios to assess epistemological beliefs may elicit a more accurate response than the more general items found on the Epistemological Questionnaire.
As is often the case with risk reduction efforts, the only certainty is that it is easy to identify the costs and the inconvenience associated with the steps taken to prevent bad outcomes, in this case shifting efforts toward finding explosives and away from finding items such as small tools and scissors.
There is an exception to this proportional allocation method that requires reallocating the erroneous item to the taxpayer who received a tax benefit from it.
Likewise, Tzeng, Lee, and Wetzel (1979) reported more accurate serial position judgments for items on a recognition test for items followed by a remember instruction at study than for those followed by a forget instruction.
The procurement requirement for the second experiment was structured to include classes of items ranging from simple components such as resistors, diodes, and capacitors to complete complex assemblies such as transmitters, global positioning systems (GPS), inertial navigation systems (INS), and electronic test equipment.
Taking a few dozen topics, DeBoer's team is collecting items from state and national tests.
Results are presented in sections grouped by item. A section begins with a summary of what the scale indicates about undergraduates' views of a "typical" psychologist and where appropriate is followed by statistical analyses.
SRC Sheldon Reproduction Centre, a business offering office supplies and printing services, has expanded its product base and now provides promotional items, also known as "corporate gifts" or "company giveaways."
In ensuing experiments with the dog, they found that he recognizes the names of about 200 objects and learns names for new items as well as 3-year-old children have been reported to do.
In all fairness, what needs to be done is for City agencies to use either a larger bag (i.e., greater than a 10% overhead allowance) or to shove fewer cost items into that same 10% overhead allowance.