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collector's item

An item that is especially noteworthy for its value, rarity, and/or history and would thus be prized by someone who collects such things. We went through my grandfather's attic and came upon a number of different collector's items, from rare toys to vintage rifles.
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collector's item

An object of great interest, value, or rarity, as in This necklace is a collector's item. Originating in the early 1900s as collector's piece, a usage still common in Britain, the term in its present form is occasionally transferred to persons as well, as in The Beach Boys became a collector's item on the tour. [c. 1930]
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be an item

If two people are an item, they are having a romantic or sexual relationship. She and Gino were an item.
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be an item

(of a couple) be involved in an established romantic or sexual relationship. informal
1997 Independent ‘It is fair to say they are an item but they are not engaged,’ said one of Mr Brown's closest confidantes.
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be an ˈitem

(informal) be involved in a romantic or sexual relationship: Are they an item?
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hot item

1. n. an item that sells well. This little thing is a hot item this season.
2. n. a romantically serious couple. Sam and Mary are quite a hot item lately.
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Items on the MSEI addressed the following aspects of mentoring: general mentoring relationships, classroom teaching practices, quality feedback, mediation, impact, and school organization.
Officials attribute the spike to lighters, added to the list of prohibited carry-on items in April thanks to would-be shoe-bomber Richard Reid.
Taking a few dozen topics, DeBoer's team is collecting items from state and national tests.
Another job related item, "What percentage of psychologists can write prescriptions?
SRC Sheldon tries to move away from traditional promotional items, such as pens and rulers, arguing that corporations have to be more aggressive and smarter in getting the attention of their target clientele.
Initial trials indicated that Rico treats certain spoken words as names for specific items rather than using nonverbal cues, such as a speaker's shrugs or gaze direction, to determine a word's meaning.
There was a time when you could've typed in the letters "n-i-g-g-e-r" on eBay's search engine and pulled up "Tragic Mulatto" books, "Coon" ashtrays, "Sambo" or "Jigger" masks, "Picaninny" toys, "Uncle Tom" matchbooks, and tons of other so-called black memorabilia items.
Apparel, accessories, imprinted items, printing services, promotional items, novelties
In relation to other items, some would be taken to second hand shops for cash, others would be given to Maria and others destroyed.
It contains a list of twenty items that are to be considered controlled items and subject to export controls.
Federal and state requirements provide an added push for public institutions, which now must comply with the phasing-in of GASB 34/35: new guidelines that require capital items to be valued and depreciated in a detailed and accurate manner.
The same criteria used in the original study were applied to retain items and to determine factor consistency; that is, factor loading of .
In contrast, the examples in the regulations illustrate that items that are recharacterized from taxable to non-taxable or from deductible to non-deductible do not involve timing issues and, hence, do not involve methods of accounting.
Scoring weights for all possible responses to each of the 14 items were empirically determined using the method of reciprocal averages (RAVE), so as to maximize the internal consistency of total scores (Reagles et al.
29) This provision mandates that a warrant authorizes only a search of a specific place for specifically named items.