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an itchy trigger finger

1. An inclination or readiness to shoot a gun (especially at someone) without needing much or any provocation or justification. I wouldn't stay too long around here—there are a lot of people with itchy trigger fingers in this part of town.
2. By extension, an inclination, readiness, or tendency to act or react carelessly, rashly, or without due consideration. John's itchy trigger finger is going to get him into trouble with his boss someday. When you're working in a restaurant, it's important not to have an itchy trigger finger when customers come to you with complaints.
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have itchy feet

To feel the urge to stray from one's routine, often by traveling. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Every so often, Claire has itchy feet and sets off for a foreign destination.
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*itchy feet

Fig. the need to leave; a feeling of a need to travel. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Hearing the train whistle at night gives me itchy feet.
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*itchy palm

 and *itching palm
Fig. [of a hand] in need of a tip. (As if placing money in the palm would stop the itching. *Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) All the waiters at that restaurant have itchy palms. The cabdriver was troubled by an itching palm. Since he refused to carry my bags, I gave him nothing. Whenever he sees expensive luggage, the hotel doorman gets an itching palm.
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itchy palm

Also, itching palm. A desire for money, greed; also, wanting a bribe. For example, The porter has an itchy palm; he wants a big tip, or The mayor was known for his itchy palm. This expression alludes to placing money in the palm of the hand. [Late 1500s]
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itchy feet

If you have itchy feet, you want to go somewhere new or start doing something new. I hated living in London, and I started getting itchy feet. Hearing about Sally's job had given me itchy feet and within a couple of months I left the company.
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itchy fingers

mainly BRITISH
If you have itchy fingers, you are very keen to get involved in a particular activity. I went into town to watch people playing chess. After a few days of this I started getting itchy fingers.
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get (or have) itchy feet

be restless; have a strong urge to travel or move from place to place. informal
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get/have itchy ˈfeet

(informal) a desire to travel, move house, change your job, etc: He never stays in a job long. He gets itchy feet after two or three years.
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an itchy palm

A strong desire for money, especially bribes.
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n Moisturise your stomach, breasts and legs to reduce itchiness and dry skin.
If the symptoms disappear, gradually add different foods on a trial basis, so you can see if any food is causing itchiness.
If the canal becomes blocked with wax, it causes a feeling of itchiness and sometimes hearing loss.
This lightweight serum helps to rapidly address itchiness, oiliness, flakes, and thinning hair.
Simply seeing potentially itchy stimuli, for instance ants crawling on the ground, seems to be enough to induce feelings of itchiness in one's own body.
Then we get signs such as discomfort, earache, itchiness, rattling or crackling noises and temporary hearing loss.
AIT could be mites - tiny parasites that cause itchiness.
Workers said they felt less eye fatigue, itchiness and dryness, and had fewer problems focusing with the use of the filters.
Only four "slight" cases of scalp irritation, itchiness or redness developed during the study that were possibly treatment related.
The antibiotics are used if the skin has become infected and the steroids help to reduce inflammation which causes redness and itchiness.
Molecules in the fragrances triggered an immune response, causing itchiness and even scaly, cracked skin, it added.
Rejuvenating action cleanses and exfoliates, moisturizing action improves elasticity, lifting action encourages production of collagen and anti-inflammatory reduces irritation, itchiness, and redness, while helping to improve skin conditions like rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.
It acts as a lubricant which contains an anticoagulant that causes the lump and itchiness.
People usually develop slow-growing tumours which can cause symptoms such as itchiness and darkening patches of the skin.
There is a spread of pigmentation beyond its border or if there is a change in sensation, itchiness, tenderness, or pain in the mole.