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make (someone's) teeth itch

1. To greatly irritate or annoy someone, especially to the point of affecting their nerves. Nothing makes my teeth itch like seeing these cyclists run every red light in town! I don't know what it is about Terry, but there's something about his demeanor that just makes my teeth itch!
2. To cause someone to be especially upset, nervous, or uncomfortable. Please don't tell me about your surgery—it makes my teeth itch hearing about blood and gore.
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the seven-year itch

The supposed inclination of a person, typically a man, to begin longing for sexual relations with other people after seven years of marriage. Everyone warned me about the seven-year itch, but I've been completely content with my wife every second that we've been together. A: "I heard Jack has been having an affair with a bartender from across town." B: "Hmm, sounds like the seven-year itch to me."
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(one's) fingers itch

One is eager to begin or undertake some work or task that involves one's hands. Here are nine awesome do-it-yourself projects that will make your fingers itch! I finally took a two-week vacation, but as soon as we began to rest, I could feel my fingers itching to do something—anything—productive.
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an itching palm

What one is said to have when they need or want a tip or bribe. A: "I can't believe that guy at the desk actually answered all of your questions!" B: "Ah, he just had an itching palm—a little money made him more inclined to talk."
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*itch for something

a desire for something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) l have an itch for some ice cream. We had an itch for a good movie, so we went.
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itch for something

Fig. to desire something. I'm just itching for a visit from Amy. We are itching for some chocolate.
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*itch to do something

Fig. a desire to do something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I have an itch to see a movie tonight. Tom has an itch to go swimming.
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*itchy palm

 and *itching palm
Fig. [of a hand] in need of a tip. (As if placing money in the palm would stop the itching. *Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) All the waiters at that restaurant have itchy palms. The cabdriver was troubled by an itching palm. Since he refused to carry my bags, I gave him nothing. Whenever he sees expensive luggage, the hotel doorman gets an itching palm.
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seven-year itch

a real or imagined longing for other women in a man's seventh year of marriage. Looks like Jack has the seven-year itch. The seven-year itch is just a rumor.
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itch for, have an

Also, itch to. Have a persistent restless craving for, as in Dean has an itch for excitement, or Chris is itching to go around the world. [Late 1500s]
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itchy palm

Also, itching palm. A desire for money, greed; also, wanting a bribe. For example, The porter has an itchy palm; he wants a big tip, or The mayor was known for his itchy palm. This expression alludes to placing money in the palm of the hand. [Late 1500s]
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your fingers itch

you are longing or impatient to do something.
1998 Patchwork & Quilting There's a good gallery towards the end of the book and it will make your fingers itch to get started.
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an itching palm

an avaricious or greedy nature.
1937 Wyndham Lewis The Revenge for Love Had Alvaro been bribed? Had such a man an itching palm like the rest of them?
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the seven year ˈitch

(informal) the wish for a new sexual partner because you are bored with your husband or wife: He’s started looking at all the women in the office. It must be the seven year itch.
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have an itch for something

tv. to have a desire for something. (Have got can replace have.) We had an itch for a good movie, so we went.
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seven-year itch

n. a real or imagined longing for other women in a man’s seventh year of marriage. Looks like Jack has the seven-year itch.
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Studying the itches brought on by things like poison ivy, scientists showed that after contact with the plant's toxins, the skin releases a chemical called histamine from specialized cells that cause the skin to swell, redden and itch.
Consumers want products that work quickly and effectively to relieve a wide range of itches from bites and stings, dry itchy skin, rashes and redness, and sunburns," Meyer observes.
professor of dermatology at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and a world-renowned itch expert, says all itches are not equal.
On the other hand, old standbys such as calamine lotion and cold compresses are safe, somewhat effective treatments for many kinds of itches.
is releasing the Itch Eraser this spring, a line of ultra-healing skin care products that offer relief from minor cuts and scrapes and instantly erase itches from insect bites, minor sunburn, hives, allergic reactions and irritants from plants such as poison ivy, oak and sumac.
Strontium, an element mined as sulfate and carbonate, selectively suppresses C-fiber nociceptors--"the only way skin can tell the brain it itches," he said at the annual Hawaii dermatology seminar sponsored by the Skin Disease Education Foundation.
Experience seems to support that the majority of these itches begin 'centrally,' namely, at the cerebral cortex of the brain.