it will come out in the wash

come out in the wash

1. slang To be exposed, as of a lie or something hidden. Whatever the mayor is trying to cover up will all come out in the wash.
2. slang To have a positive resolution (like a clothing stain that is washed away). Try not to worry too much about this setback—it will come out in the wash.
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it will (all) come out in the ˈwash

1 used to say that the truth about a situation will be made known at some time in the future: You can’t hide what you’ve done for ever. It’ll come out in the wash, you know.
2 used to make somebody less anxious by telling them that any problems or difficulties will be solved in the future: ‘Some of the documents still haven’t arrived!’ ‘Don’t worry, there’s probably been a slight mix-up — it’ll all come out in the wash.’
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