(it is) (one's) pleasure

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(it is) (one's) pleasure

One was glad to do it and would do it again. A response to "thank you." A: "Thanks for picking up that package for me." B: "Oh, it was my pleasure. Happy I could help." A: "Thank you so much for helping my children, officer." B: "My pleasure, ma'am."
See also: pleasure

My pleasure.

1. You're welcome.; It is my pleasure to do so. (From It's my pleasure. There is a stress on both words.) Mary: Thank you for bringing this up here. Bill: My pleasure. Jane: Oh, Doctor, you've really helped Tom. Thank you so much! Doctor: My pleasure.
2. Happy to meet you.; Happy to see you. Sally: Bill, meet Mary, my cousin. Bill: My pleasure.
See also: pleasure

it’s a ˈpleasure

used after somebody thanks you for doing something to help them: ‘Thanks for the meal.’ ‘It’s a pleasure.’
See also: pleasure

my pleasure

Used to acknowledge an expression of gratitude.
See also: pleasure
References in classic literature ?
She did not talk much, but I stood and watched the progress of her pencil: it was a pleasure to behold it so dexterously guided by those fair and graceful fingers.
Summary: It was a pleasure to read the article, When a classic bike connects generation (KT, Nov 23).
DeMatteis added, "It was a pleasure for us to become involved with the school on behalf of Cushman & Wakefield and to work with the parents and the faculty to make the holidays a little brighter for some great children."
But all the same, it was a pleasure to negotiate with someone who kept her word and understood the parameters of 'OK' behaviour.
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