it blows my mind

blow (one's) mind

1. To impress, overwhelm, or excite one to an extreme degree. The show of support from everyone has just blown my mind. I had really low expectations for the movie, but it totally blew my mind.
2. To impact, alter, or disturb one's normal cognitive process or ability to a great degree, especially as a result of drug use. Watch out, this weed is pretty strong. It'll blow your mind! I knew a few friends in college who blew their minds taking LSD.
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it blows my mind

I am extremely impressed, overwhelmed, or excited. The show of support from everyone, wow, it just blows my mind!
See also: blow, mind
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It blows my mind!

S/. It really amazes and shocks me. Bill: Did you hear about Tom's winning the lottery? Sue: Yes, it blows my mind! John: Look at all that paper! What a waste of trees! Jane: It blows my mind!
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