it's early days

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early days

The beginning period or phase of some entity, trend, or phenomenon. The phrase is used when such a thing is being recalled at a later time. In the early days of this project, I expected a very different outcome than what we have seen. Back in the early days, the company that became this multinational corporation only had four employees!
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it's early days


it's early in the day

COMMON If you say that it's early days or it's early in the day, you mean that it is too soon to be sure about what will happen about a situation in the future. We haven't made much progress, but it's early days yet. The spokesman did not expect any immediate changes to pricing policy. `It is very early in the day yet.'
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it's early days

it is too soon to be sure how a particular situation will develop. British informal
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it’s early ˈdays (yet)

(British English) it is too soon to be certain about something: The new store hasn’t had many customers though of course it’s early days yet.
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It's early days and it can't happen overnight, but it's a big step in the right direction.
It's early days for John and his assistant Jason McAteer.
Their manager Mrs Crow says: "I felt ecstatic and proud of everyone in the football squad when we won the cup, It's early days but with hard work and commitment we should do really well.
I would like to say it's early days but if we don't win at Bolton then it's going to be really hard," said Cole.
It's early days of course, so we should not panic too much but we need to start picking up points.
It's early days to begin making assumptions but, fortunately for Britain, the memories of Rover, Bentley, Aston Martin, and Jaguar will act as a reminder of the unpredictable path ahead of football clubs.
OKAY, it's early days yet and there has been the distraction of the takeover, but pre-season is nearly upon us and we still don't have a squad capable of surviving in the Premiership.
People keep saying it's early days yet but it soon won't be.
I know it's early days yet and that there are many banana skins waiting to send hopeful Newcastle supporters tumbling over, but I could not stop myself daydreaming about a date in Wembley's new stadium next year.
I know it's early days, but I'm certainly excited about them.
It's early days and what has happened hasn't really sunk in for him.
I'm enjoying it and although it's early days, I now need to start improving the squad,' said Cornforth.
It's early days but already the benefits to this region are looking dubious.
That said, it's early days and I don't want to think about it yet.
It's early days and it remains to be seen whether the Canaries have the strength in depth to survive the whole campaign - but the signs are good.