too bad

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too bad

1. An expression of sympathy, condolence, or regret. It's too bad you won't be able to come with us this weekend. Oh, that's too bad. I'm sorry to hear that. A: "I'm afraid we'll have to cancel the event." B: "Too bad. I was looking forward to it."
2. Used ironically to gloat or show that one is unmoved by what is being described. A: "I was really looking forward to that concert.! B: "Too bad I got the last ticket then, sucker!" A: "But I'm going to a party this weekend, and everyone's going to be there!" B: "Well that's just too bad! You didn't clean your room like I asked, so now you're grounded."
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(that's) too bad

It is unfortunate.; I'm sorry to hear that. Tom: I hurt my foot on our little hike. Fred: That's too bad. Can I get you something for it? Tom: No, I'll live. Bob: My uncle just passed away. Tom: That's too bad. I'm sorry to hear that. Bob: Thanks.
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too bad

Unfortunate, as in Too bad the shoes don't fit you. [Late 1500s]
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too bad

used to indicate that something is regrettable but now beyond retrieval. informal
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(it’s) too ˈbad

1 used to show sympathy or disappointment: It’s too bad you can’t come to the party.
2 used to show that you are not sympathetic: I know you don’t want me to go. Well, too bad, I’m going!
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that's too bad

1. Used to express sadness or sympathy.
2. Used in response to a protest or complaint to express insistence that the speaker's expectation be met.
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References in classic literature ?
There now, Eliza, it's too bad for me to make you feel so, poor girl
Oh, stop blaming yourself -- it's too bad to do it, and I won't allow it -- you couldn't help it; it wasn't your fault.
Don't mention the poor girl's name; it's too bad to make a joke of that part of the business; she has behaved nobly under shameful provocation; there is but one excuse for Montbarry--he is either a madman or a fool.
Good intentions aside, it's too bad that, in the end, this Poster Boy is paper-thin.
While you are reading this letter I might as well tell you that it's too bad that your magazine has got a plethora of highly inappropriate language.
Every time we play it forward, we don't keep the ball and it's too bad.
It's too bad that the Archbishop was not as "nervy" as the P.
It's too bad Brown didn't marry her casting sense with a better plotline and finer crafting.
It's too bad the boundaries that that ballet unintentionally pushed (among other things, its sleek, stark modern look; and the way it expanded ballet's vocabulary by bending it, instead of importing elements from outside ballet) don't, at present, seem to interest him.
It's too bad because it's one more transition that you all have to keep up with, while your brains may well be suffering from technological overload already.
Even though Godfathers is on the 2003 Oscar short list, it's too bad that the movie just missed the yuletide and got a January theatrical release in the United States; I suspect that it may become a holiday favorite on video.
It's too bad the Phoenix park has no 'crete, but it could be a good place for kids to start.
It's too bad Doyle didn't address whether gay women attend NASCAR events and what their motives would be.
It's a good thing that I am not his daughter then Maybe it's too bad I'm not.