it's tipping down

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be tipping (it) down

To be raining very heavily. Primarily heard in UK. We have a football match scheduled for tomorrow, but if it keeps tipping down like it is today, I'm sure that it will be cancelled. Looks like it's tipping it down outside again. I guess I won't be cycling to work this morning.
See also: down, tip
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it’s ˈtipping (it) down

(British English, informal) it is raining heavily: There’s no way I’m playing football in this weather — it’s tipping it down.
See also: down, tip
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"If it's tipping down, it wouldn't be in her favour, and there would be a question about her running if the ground went the other way."
Sometimes when it's all misty rain, I'm the only person out, but when it's tipping down, I don't bother.
"We know they will be there for the full 80 in Swansea, whether the sun is shining or it's tipping down with rain.
Basically, the weather starts at the top and works its way down, so these areas of low pressure that give us the horrible weather have been steered down across us, which is why it's tipping down.
Barbecues which may not have been cancelled if the weather was too cold will definitely be called off if it's tipping down. The annual ritual of goose bumps and burnt sausages is not really such fun.
WHAT do you do with your Sunday afternoon when summer has gone, you've read the papers and it's tipping down with rain?
All that fresh air and felling timber keeps you fit, but I don't miss hugging trees when it's tipping down with rain."
It's tipping down with rain, I'm sweating, my back is aching and my manicured hands look like they belong on The Archers.