it's the old story

it's the same old story

What is about to be or has just been mentioned is nothing new; it is a situation that happens repeatedly. A chief executive found guilty of fraud? It's the same old story. They always think they'll get away with it.
See also: old, same, story

it’s the (same) old ˈstory

something unpleasant or bad which happens again and again: He says we haven’t got enough money for a trip overseas. It’s the same old story every year.
See also: old, story
References in classic literature ?
You bring her home, and you discover that it's the old story of the sugar over again.
Say what you have to say; it's the old story, I suppose?
It's the old story, hide our incompetence and inactivity by blaming someone else.
I guess it's the old story about the more information you get, the easier it is for you to mentally lock up.
For insurers, it's the old story of risk meeting opportunity.
It's the old story of the fear of sanctions--even after the US Treasury says the shipment is allowed.
It's the old story of one rule for them and another for the rest of us.
It's the old story, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and if we are in a double dip recession how can David Cameron possibly justify this extravagance and regalia on Margaret Thatcher?
It's the old story of selling wildlife and depleting a stock.
But it's the old story, he doesn't belong to us, he is contracted to Birmingham.
It's the old story of schools not even beginning to understand; for them it's the "greasy overalls and boots" syndrome.
Origami archetype folding misguided lives, Highman swallow dives, Tomorrow's here before yesterday arrives, It's the old story of corruption thrives.
It's the old story - after the revolution, the restoration.
It's the old story of incremental loss the street performer
It's the old story of key players being injured but the defence is wide open and that's been our main problem.