it's no/small/little wonder...

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it’s no/small/little ˈwonder (that)...

it’s not surprising: If you walked all the way, it’s little wonder you’re late.‘The heating’s gone off.’ ‘I thought it was cold. No wonder!’
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As food becomes easily the most shared post on social media, it's small wonder that high school students today are not frugal when it comes to feeding themselves.
Given these circumstances, it's small wonder that these protests are taking place.
West Dunbartonshire has the second-highest rate of domestic abuse in Scotland (behind Dundee), so it's small wonder it fared poorly in NatCen's assessment of women's safety.
And even if his promises are practically impossible and economically catastrophic, set against the Tories' unnecessarily defensive campaign it's small wonder he appears to be picking up support.
And it's small wonder that the Greystoke development is proving just as popular.
The 7-2 odds that were against Steve Tandy's side at kick-off may well shorten over the weekend and it's small wonder because they looked every inch potential trophy winners come next May.
It's small wonder then, that so many are seeking a more prosperous life in Europe.
So it's small wonder that when Fox sought to exhibit its fairness toward Trump--after his seemingly boorish remarks about anchor/debate moderator Megyn Kelly--that he would be welcomed back by Steve Doocy, who treated him like an old pal.
It's small wonder then that Grauer, who is on 10 different boards, including Glencore Xstrata Plc, chooses relationship as a more important ingredient of running a business than innovation or even technology, which has been disrupting businesses over the last few years.
It's small wonder, then, that the prospect of returning to New Zealand to live and work fills Brasch with anxiety'.
Even Angela Landsbury, in her singing debut, couldn't save it from mostly negative reviews, and it's small wonder that audiences were baffled by a musical allegory that is an unwieldy marriage of "Our Town'' and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
It's small wonder that the film, its director and cast have been nominated for an astonishing 151 awards so far and has won 101.
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