(it's) small wonder

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(it's) small wonder

It is not at all surprising (that something is the case). I was always terrible at math in school, so it's small wonder that I have such trouble filing my taxes. Small wonder you had such trouble starting the car: the battery is almost completely dead!
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small wonder

Not a surprising or unexpected thing at all. You drank an entire bottle of bourbon by yourself? Small wonder that you feel as bad as you do this morning. Considering the massive legal team they can afford to hire, it's a small wonder that few people are able to successfully sue the corporation for its questionable practices.
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it’s no/small/little ˈwonder (that)...

it’s not surprising: If you walked all the way, it’s little wonder you’re late.‘The heating’s gone off.’ ‘I thought it was cold. No wonder!’
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The named person bill permitted gross intrusion into family life, while the antismacking bill presumed to tell parents that the Scottish Government knew better than they did about raising their kids, so it's small wonder there's public anger.
It's small wonder Lenny thought he'd won the lottery but his real bonus ball was inheriting Christie - a player he believes is the archetypal modern day No.10.
As suited to full-pelt dynamic (I Get No Joy) and rocking (Uh Huh) as she is to lyrical introspection (If I Die), it's small wonder she's won many plaudits.
With all of this and rather good efficiency figures, it's small wonder that customers keep coming back.
With such paucity of service, it's small wonder the front three of Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane were largely feeding off scraps.
Against this backdrop, it's small wonder we are seeing the astronomical increases in Gen Z's screen time and interaction with technology from the safety of their homes.
It's small wonder that the people of Dara'a refused to be taken hostage to Israel's policy and were working hard to reinstate the authority of the legitimate Syrian government," the analyst noted.
As food becomes easily the most shared post on social media, it's small wonder that high school students today are not frugal when it comes to feeding themselves.
Given these circumstances, it's small wonder that these protests are taking place.
"And even if his promises are practically impossible and economically catastrophic, set against the Tories' unnecessarily defensive campaign it's small wonder he appears to be picking up support."
And it's small wonder that the Greystoke development is proving just as popular.
The 7-2 odds that were against Steve Tandy's side at kick-off may well shorten over the weekend and it's small wonder because they looked every inch potential trophy winners come next May.
It's small wonder then, that so many are seeking a more prosperous life in Europe. Alharba has three siblings who have already made the arduous journey - there's a brother in Holland, another in Austria and a sister and several nephews in Germany.
So it's small wonder that when Fox sought to exhibit its fairness toward Trump--after his seemingly boorish remarks about anchor/debate moderator Megyn Kelly--that he would be welcomed back by Steve Doocy, who treated him like an old pal.
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