it's not rocket science

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be not rocket science

To not be a pursuit, activity, or endeavor that requires extraordinary skill or intelligence. Look, all you need to do is reformat the hard drive on your computer. It isn't rocket science! Sure, it took a little bit of time to figure out, but reinstalling the modem wasn't rocket science or anything.
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it’s not ˈrocket science

used in order to emphasize that something is not complicated or difficult to do or understand: Oh, I’m sure I’ll manage. It’s not exactly rocket science, is it?
See also: not, rocket, science
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It's Not Rocket Science my have great presenters in Rachel Riley, Ben Miller and Romesh Ranganathan but can even they make science sexy?
It's not rocket science, Hargreaves, the maths teacher would growl, as I grappled with my algebra--a struggle that normally terminated in exasperation for both teacher and pupil.
Clearly, it's not rocket science to say that the tax law is too complex, that complexity is expensive to deal with and, moreover, that complexity can both lead to noncompliance and spawn unintended consequences.
It's not rocket science to mark E instead of A, but this make-or-break exam determines whether students go on to eighth grade next year or not.
People can be very seriously injured, and we know it's not rocket science, good signage, looking at the floor surface avoiding messes, all things that can be done easily.
It's not rocket science, it's going to come from tax rises and cuts
around (in the place of "about"), awesome, ballpark figure, basically, basis ("on a weekly basis" in place of "weekly" and so on), bear with me, between a rock and a hard place, blue sky (thinking), boggles the mind, bottom line, crack troops, diamond geezer (that's a new one to this American who hasn't been in England for years), epicentre (used incorrectly), glass half full (or half empty), going forward, I hear what you're saying, in terms of, it's not rocket science, literally, move the goal-posts, ongoing, prioritise, pushing the envelope, singing from the same hymn sheet, the fact of the matter is, thinking outside the box, to be honest, to be perfectly honest, touch base, up to (in place of "about"), and value-added (in general use).
It's not rocket science, but it's a veritable rock science still practiced by a handful of groups around the world.
Put your pints down earlier, and get to the game - it's not rocket science.
Now, Ian's life-saving story will feature on ITV's It's Not Rocket Science programme at 8pm on Tuesday.
IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE (ITV 8pm) WE'RE back in the studio for another round of this rather strange science show.
It's Not Rocket Science ITV, 8pm ENTERTAINMENT Ben travels to Paris to meet a friendly AI robot, Rachel carries out her own tests into how the 'placebo effect' works, and the gang attempt to set a new record using the power of a laser.
And Clare looks for comfort in the wrong places NEW It's Not Rocket Science.
The 30-year-old is fronting It's Not Rocket Science on STV along with Ben Miller and stand-up comedian Romesh Ranganathan.
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