it's not rocket science

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be not rocket science

To not be a pursuit, activity, or endeavor that requires extraordinary skill or intelligence. Look, all you need to do is reformat the hard drive on your computer. It isn't rocket science! Sure, it took a little bit of time to figure out, but reinstalling the modem wasn't rocket science or anything.
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it’s not ˈrocket science

used in order to emphasize that something is not complicated or difficult to do or understand: Oh, I’m sure I’ll manage. It’s not exactly rocket science, is it?
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like the It's not rocket science to see that a small loan is good value for everyone NIC DAKIN MP FOR NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE, BELOW
I wonder what Raymond Baxter would have made of the new kid on the block - It's Not Rocket Science (ITV, Tuesday), which, in this week's first show, featured Rachel Riley speeding through a ball of fire on a zipwire and Joey Essex trying to drive a car...
It's not rocket science and it's nothing to do with the weather.
It's not rocket science. If you can't do the job, then please don't bother!
Notice her body language; if she's been avoiding you for too long, it's not rocket science that she's not interested.
It's not rocket science, it will save a lot of headaches and stress for everyone suffering every morning.
It's not rocket science but who wants to visit a place where public conveniences are closed?
It's not rocket science: more bar staff equals more turnover and fewer queues equals happy people.
It's not rocket science, but it's a worthwhile read, especially for leaders in companies with elaborate rules for customer service that could stand a thorough review, or two.
Clearly, it's not rocket science to say that the tax law is too complex, that complexity is expensive to deal with and, moreover, that complexity can both lead to noncompliance and spawn unintended consequences.
What they've lacked to date is a simple, practical tool to hold people accountable for that." He admits, "It's not rocket science." Be that as it may, he also believes that it is vital because there is another factor in all of this: good profits and bad profits.
It's not rocket science to mark E instead of A, but this make-or-break exam determines whether students go on to eighth grade next year or not.
People can be very seriously injured, and we know it's not rocket science, good signage, looking at the floor surface avoiding messes, all things that can be done easily.
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