it's/that's not my problem

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be not (one's) problem

To not be one's responsibility, duty, or concern; to not be something one cares about or intends to be involved with. I know you're worried about paying back your loan, but your financial issues are simply not my problem—you're the one who decided to get into debt. A: "But sir, there's no way we can satisfy the requirement if my husband isn't allowed to work here in the first place!" B: "That's not my problem, ma'am. Those are the rules."
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ˌit’s/ˌthat’s not ˈmy problem

(spoken, informal) used to show that you do not care about somebody else’s difficulties: Well, I’m sorry you feel that way, but I’m afraid it’s not my problem.
See also: not, problem
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It's not my problem. My job is to work with the players and prepare the team for games.
It's the problem of the coach, it's not my problem."
"It's not my problem," the Daily Mirror quoted Mancini, as saying ahead of Sunday's massive home match against Arsenal.
It's true, but it's not my problem, this is the problem of the racist definition of the state (of Israel) as a Jewish state."
"It's not my problem, it's not the problem of anyone involved with the France team because we have a game to win ourselves, against Ukraine in Kiev.
He [the warden] actually said, 'It's not my problem. I've got a job to do'."
At every stage someone was saying, "It's not my problem.' From the maintenance crews to the federal officials, the buck didn't stop anywhere.
"But it's not my problem. It is not I who will judge.
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