it's no/small/little wonder...

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it’s no/small/little ˈwonder (that)...

it’s not surprising: If you walked all the way, it’s little wonder you’re late.‘The heating’s gone off.’ ‘I thought it was cold. No wonder!’
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If parents ignore this basic aspect of the Mass in showing it to their children, then it's no wonder that the whole thing will be lost.
So it's no wonder that the commanding heights of industry, even as they struggle to adapt to the Internet, are trying harder to make the Internet adapt to them.
Handicapped kids often struggle heroically to get by in school, and it's no wonder their parents feel entitled to extra help.
It's no wonder that there's a massive driver shortage.
After looking past obvious law-breaking and exploitation for so long, it's no wonder that local officials would miss such a shameful enterprise operating on their watch.
With all the friends that the new USC football coach seems to have lined up as assistants, it's no wonder everyone wants to call him Paul ``Buddy'' Hackett .
It's no wonder one golfer used the term ``miniature golf'' to describe them.
With the type of numbers Hoover High freshman Cori Herbert posted last weekend at the Hart tournament, it's no wonder Tornadoes coach Kirt Kohlmeier is excited about this season.
Despite the precautions, it's no wonder that golf-course superintendents across the nation were concerned when a University of Iowa study suggested two years ago that, over the previous 20 years, golf-course superintendents had died of cancer at significantly elevated rates.
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