it's no use

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it's no use

It is hopeless; there is no point or reason (in doing something). It's no use, I just can't figure out what's wrong with the car. It's no use asking Dave about the numbers—he can't even balance his own check book.
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it's no use (doing something)

it is hopeless to do something; it is pointless to do something. It's no use trying to call on the telephone. The line is always busy. They tried and tried, but it was no use.
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no use, it's

1. It's impossible; it can't succeed. For example, It's no use; these pieces just don't fit. [c. 1800]
2. Also, it's no use to man or beast. It's worthless, it serves no purpose, as in This car is so old it's no use to man or beast. Also see have no use for.
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it’s no ˈuse (doing something)

used to say that there is no point in doing something because it will not be successful or have a good result: The bus has already gone, so it’s no use running.It’s no use. I just can’t remember the word.
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