it's no/small/little wonder...

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it’s no/small/little ˈwonder (that)...

it’s not surprising: If you walked all the way, it’s little wonder you’re late.‘The heating’s gone off.’ ‘I thought it was cold. No wonder!’
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And with the players' conduct robust to say the least, it's little wonder that several businesses now choose to close for the day - just in case.
In a country with so much to offer in terms of hospitality, stunning landscapes and of course, the craic, it's little wonder there's been a rise in staycationing this year.
WITH about one in four people in the UK experiencing mental health problems each year - and many more feeling the effects of stressful workloads and ever-demanding modern lives - it's little wonder that in a recent poll, 97% of people said they know someone who's suffered from a mental health condition.
IT'S little wonder the UK finances are in such a state when we hear current Chancellor George Osborne hailing the agreement with Google to pay PS130million in taxes from sales figures of PS13billion as a victory.
But throw in escalating subscription fees to merely watch football on television and it's little wonder the 'Twenty's Plenty' campaign is gaining such momentum.
It's little wonder I have never ever seen anyone in the city put their hand up to hail a taxi on the street as happens in other cities.
Multiply this by goodness knows how many incidents, and it's little wonder that our council is going to pot.
It's little wonder that we have a new breed of terrorist threatening our lives with the bomb and the gun when they know that behind-closed-doors deals with be done giving them immunity from prosecution.
It's little wonder a lot of people are looking towards a party like UKIP who seem to address a lot of people's fears and appear to stand by their guns, unlike the Liberals who are the threat as far as I can see.
This lot are like rampant rabbits and added to that the romantic tension between Lee Ryan, Jasmine Waltz and Casey Batchelor and it's little wonder it's doing so well in the ratings.
The best thing about this particular farmer is his on-going pledge to highlight exactly where our food comes from, and so it's little wonder he's joined forces with Kate Quilton and Abergavenny-based chef Matt Tebutt (pictured) for a second run of this tasty programme.
With the proliferation among young people of devices requiring batteries, it's little wonder that batteries index particularly high among younger and older bustling families, with pockets of higher consumption among startup families and, in something of a departure, senior couples - the latter group's showing perhaps attributable to the purchase of such items as hearing-aid batteries.
It's little wonder that Birmingham, the Second City remember, was ranked 25th out of 26th for cycling by the Campaign for Better Transport in 2012.
The first two series of this comedy drama following a medical team on a geriatric ward won over the nation, so it's little wonder it's back with bells on.
Official nutritional guidelines seem to change as frequently as the tax laws, so it's little wonder that so many people find it frustrating to make appropriate nutritional choices.