it's early days

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early days

The beginning period or phase of some entity, trend, or phenomenon. The phrase is used when such a thing is being recalled at a later time. In the early days of this project, I expected a very different outcome than what we have seen. Back in the early days, the company that became this multinational corporation only had four employees!
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it's early days


it's early in the day

COMMON If you say that it's early days or it's early in the day, you mean that it is too soon to be sure about what will happen about a situation in the future. We haven't made much progress, but it's early days yet. The spokesman did not expect any immediate changes to pricing policy. `It is very early in the day yet.'
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it's early days

it is too soon to be sure how a particular situation will develop. British informal
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it’s early ˈdays (yet)

(British English) it is too soon to be certain about something: The new store hasn’t had many customers though of course it’s early days yet.
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It's early days but if they end up dating then anything with Caggie will have to stop.
At the same time now, it's early days but seven points out of nine is a great start.
Division Two is beginning to look a little more clear cut with the Pig & Whistle B showing what they can do when they apply themselves and though it's early days if they continue in this frame of mind they could romp away with the title.
She said: "It's not that I've tasted many meals at this stage - as I said, it's early days.
I know it's early days but I would like to see both, especially Le Tallec, given a place in the starting 11 alongside Stevie G and Didi H.
Asked by Finnigan whether she was seeing "this bloke from Five", Mel (above) replied: "He's a very good friend of mine but it's early days - so who knows?
It's early days yet, but we need to get off the mark.
I hear the pair have been dating for a few weeks and although it's early days things are going swimmingly for the new couple.
It's early days for Kempton, lessons will be learned - so just lay off and stop being so bloody British.
It's early days yet with three-quarters of the First Division campaign to go and I'm certainly not going to write off Dunfermline.
Of course, it's early days and these top ten can still redeem themselves - and if they do Fire Starter could still just be vulnerable as he has only three of them.
Three out of a possible 12 points is not the start we had hoped for but it's early days.
It's early days and I am nervous but Kieran has been taking great care of me.
It's early days between them and they are both trying to keep it under wraps.
It's early days and my feeling is that he wants plenty of practice.