it's crunch time

crunch time

A critical period of time characterized by a heightened pressure to succeed, usually at or near the end of a given situation or undertaking. Okay, we've got two minutes to tie the game—it's crunch time, guys!
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it’s ˈcrunch time

(informal) it is the moment when something must be decided or done, or a difficulty can no longer be avoided: It’s crunch time for him. Either he makes a move now or gives up any hope of winning power.
See also: crunch, time
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It's crunch time for the Lib Dems and it's crunch time for this country's future.
IT'S CRUNCH TIME JUST when you thought Cadbury Boost couldn't get any better, along comes the Cadbury Peanut Boost + Protein.
It's crunch time in Eurovision 2019, with both semi-finals done and dusted we now have our finalists for this year.
IT'S crunch time for the Spice Girls, with tensions mounting on the set of their crisp ad.
"It's crunch time in the Premier League, it's the tightest one we've ever had and I'm enjoying it."
I generally do not take my work home with me unless it's crunch time and I have deadlines to make; but for the most part that's just a couple times per year.
'He's a very soft-spoken guy, a happy-go-lucky guy but when it's crunch time he does what he does,' said Cabagnot of Desiderio who went for 4-of-20 shooting for 16 points.
FOOD In the final programme it's crunch time for Hugh, as he returns to Newcastle.
He said: "It's crunch time so they're all big games and it would be good to make some ground on the teams above us.
It's crunch time for Jeremy Moore as he goes down to the wire in pursuit of a Wisconsin whitetail.
And elsewhere, with voting in full swing, it's crunch time for Norris and Sally.
Following a theme, It's Crunch Time, this snack has been developed to be an ideal snack companion for consumers, especially youngsters as they enjoy activities such as playing video games, watching television or having get-togethers with friends.
Board of Education, it's crunch time at the Legislature and an interview with Paul Carrola of the University of Texas at El Paso.
THE X FACTOR ITV 8pm It's crunch time as we've reached the semi-finals and the warbling wannabes can almost taste real fame.
18 It's crunch time for the remaining English clubs in the Champions League and Chelsea are likely to be the sole representatives in Friday's draw - provided they can overcome Galatasaray at Stamford Bridge.