it's chucking it down

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be chucking (it) down

To be raining very heavily. Primarily heard in UK. We have a football match scheduled for tomorrow, but if it's chucking down like it is today, I'm sure that it will be postponed. Looks like it's chucking it down outside again. I guess I won't be cycling to work this morning.
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it’s ˈchucking it down

(British English, spoken) it is raining heavily: They had to cancel the barbecue, as it started chucking it down.
See also: chuck, down
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IT'S chucking it down on the eight celebs in Costa Rica.
She said: "'When it's dark and the road is unlit, you've only got the name of a house and no number, your torch goes out and it's chucking it down with rain, then it's not glamorous."
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