it's business as usual

business as usual

The typical proceedings. The phrase is sometimes but not always used to indicate that things have returned to normal after something unforeseen or unpleasant has happened. Once these auditors are out of our hair, we can get back to business as usual. A: "How are things at the office?" B: "Business as usual. Nothing exciting has happened lately."
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it’s business as ˈusual

things continue normally, despite difficulties or disturbances: It was business as usual at the theatre yesterday, in spite of all the building work going on.
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It's business as usual for Daniella Moyles as she returns to the Irish modelling scene.
A POPULAR Brighouse pub has changed hands - but bosses insist it's business as usual.
Mrs Hadala said: "When a pub changes hands it can be a worrying time for the managers, but it's business as usual at The Barge.
It's business as usual at a 30-year-old Stockton garden centre after a planning application to build houses on its site was turned down.
It's business as usual for a Tyneside estate agents after a buy-out.
For now, it's business as usual. As we get closer to the end, we will have a clearer picture."
His office insisted that "it's business as usual" and said that demands for 240 farms on his estate would go out in 18 days' time.
Contemporary, noncommercial dance may be novel in Times Square, but it's business as usual for the Y; modern classes and performances have been held there since 1935, the year Martha Graham, Louis Horst, Hanya Holm, Charles Weidman and Doris Humphrey hosted their "Symposium on Modern Dance." The Harkness Foundation for Dance has helped finance the Y's dance programs since 1985, including the Dance Project, which began seven years ago in December with a three-and-a-half-week season and nineteen performances.
"As far as we're concerned, we've been told it's business as usual and, with us looking to expand to six screens, these are very exciting times."
McCarthy said: "They will all be wanting the carnival stuff and the fanfare and turning up and giving it large and the big yahoo, but it's business as usual as far as I am concerned."
Despite an ongoing, lumber war between Canada and the United States, it's business as usual at Northern Ontario mills.
It's business as usual and there will be no short-term changes or appointments.
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