it's/they're all yours

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all yours

A phrase said when one gives or relinquishes something to someone. A: "Hey, is the bathroom free?" B: "Yep, it's all yours!"
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it’s/they’re ˌall ˈyours

used when passing the responsibility for somebody/something or the use of something to another person: ‘There you are, Mr Brown,’ she said, taking him into the classroom full of children, ‘they’re all yours.’
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References in classic literature ?
Pull it out, I say, and it's all yours. You may burn your fingers a little, of course; but then it's a hundred thousand roubles, remember--it won't take you long to lay hold of it and snatch it out.
And if you want the life-size Daunte on the stairwell, it's all yours.   [divider] Related:
It's all yours now." Jacqueline posted on Instagram,"And it's a wrap on Judwaa 2 promotions with the one and only Salman Khan on 'Bigg Boss.
Taking away the athletics from Liverpool or Birmingham and saying "Here you are, London - it's all yours!" would also be a kick in the teeth for the people of those cities battling to land the Games.
"It's all yours, congratulations!" Hengqin had just got up on Tuesday when William and a cameraman turned up on the pretext of delivering some champagne.
The immensity of the role didn't hit me until the vice president handed me the keys to my office and said, "Well, Marc, it's all yours."
It's a blank canvas - and it's all yours! Why settle for have to start fresh yourself?
And it's all yours for PS18,850 for the three-door with manual gearbox.
William, 31, told his wife, "It's all yours", gesturing for her to come forward, but Kate, laughing, demurred and said: "William's got lots more experience than I have."
IT'S a home win which would make a footballer's wife purr with happiness - and it's all yours for a million quid transfer fee.
And it's all yours for pounds 8,995 - provided you get in before January, when in theory it goes up to pounds 9,200 or thereabouts.
"The beauty of establishing a vision for the future of your company is that it's all yours. You can make it as big or as small as you want."
It's all yours for $ 490 ( Rs 23,000 approximately).
It said, 'It's all yours now, kid - Harrison'," he said.
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