it's/they're all yours

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all yours

A phrase said when one gives or relinquishes something to someone. A: "Hey, is the bathroom free?" B: "Yep, it's all yours!"
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it’s/they’re ˌall ˈyours

used when passing the responsibility for somebody/something or the use of something to another person: ‘There you are, Mr Brown,’ she said, taking him into the classroom full of children, ‘they’re all yours.’
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The immensity of the role didn't hit me until the vice president handed me the keys to my office and said, "Well, Marc, it's all yours.
And it's all yours for PS18,850 for the three-door with manual gearbox.
IT'S a home win which would make a footballer's wife purr with happiness - and it's all yours for a million quid transfer fee.
And it's all yours for pounds 8,995 - provided you get in before January, when in theory it goes up to pounds 9,200 or thereabouts.
The beauty of establishing a vision for the future of your company is that it's all yours.
It's all yours for $ 490 ( Rs 23,000 approximately).
Beginning January 1, 2009 it's all yours for free online.
And at a festival, it's all yours instead of sharing with the masses.
The choice is not going to be easy because of the number of fantastic performances this season - but it's all yours, and every single vote will count.
net and the best ones could feature in the Birmingham Mail's It's All Yours section
IT'S ALL YOURS Ballinamallard captain Mark Stafford is presented with the trophy AIR BALL Goalscorer Chris Curran is shadowed by Montjoy's Tyrie Moore VICTORIOUS Mallard celebrate their win in the F&W Intermediate Cup as Andy Crawford takes home the match ball
From this Wednesday, MetroCentre will become the largest shopping and leisure centre in Europe and it's all yours.
A JIMMY LOGAN'S most famous catchphrase was 'Sausages is the boys', first used in the 50s radio show It's All Yours and later in a TV ad campaign.
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