(it's all) Greek to (one)

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(it's all) Greek to (one)

cliché (It is) completely unintelligible, as if it is written in a language that one does not speak. The phrase comes from Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar. Mom said these instructions are Greek to her and that we should show them to Dad. A: "Can you understand this error message?" B: "Sorry, Greek to me. You'd better ask one of the programmers."
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Greek to (someone)

incomprehensible to someone; as mysterious as Greek writing. I don't understand this. It's all Greek to me. She said it was Greek to her, and that it made no sense at all.
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Greek to someone

n. something incomprehensible to someone; something as mysterious as Greek writing. I don’t understand this. It’s all Greek to me.
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The constant moan, "It's all Greek to me", really makes sense now in my later years.
It's All Greek to Me I met a man the other day I hadn't seen for ages.
Now, in "It's All Greek to Me: Transform Your Health the Mediterranean Way with My Family's Century-Old Recipes", Debbie shares 120 of her family's traditional Greek recipes and adds her own touch to make them even healthier and easier to prepare.
If you are tired of the phrase 'it's all Greek to me' you might be interested in a 24-week Greek language course for beginners that will start getting your Greek tongue untied as of Wednesday.
Also, as they counted the votes in Athens, you might have been thinking "It's all Greek to me" but as far as I can make out, some rich people tried to blame the financial crisis on some poor people, whose answer was: "Away and bile yer heid." But only in Greek.
It's All Greek to Me: Transform Your Health the Mediterranean Way with My Family's Century-Old Recipes comes from an author who grew up in a traditional Greek household.
Topics in this category include: 1) Keeping the straight path: professionalism and ethics in practice; 2) Archion architects: out-of-the-box practices; 3) future-proofing the design practice; 4) The building blocks of an architectural firm; 5) Managing an architectural office; 6) The practice: getting projects; 7) Law: It's all Greek to Me; 8) Accounting, finance and taxation for architects.
When the British don't understand something they say, "It's all Greek to me."
Her Must-Have Muffaletta Burger and It's All Greek to Me Burger wowed the judges-but they wowed her family first "When I found out I was a finalist for the show, I gathered my family together and cooked burgers about six different ways.
Her projects include "It's all Greek to me" which helps to explain Pythagoras' Theorem through constructing a sundial, making a toga and even baking Thagoras Pies.
BETTING REPORT It's all Greek to me FORMER Greek sprinter Ialysos was a surprise winner of the 5f Listed Achilles Stakes at Haydock on his first run for Luca Cumani.
You'd think that after all that writing, Dan would've taken a break, but he has four more books coming out in the next year--Long John, a collection of short stories, Dream Boats and Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, Where Have You Been?, both picture books, and finally, It's All Greek To Me, Jack, the next book in the Chapter book series.
"We're also into our second year of running a beginners' course in ancient Greek, called It's All Greek to Me, which teaches people so they can join the main reading group, which I think is a unique offering.
IT'S all Greek to museum staff who are building a major new exhibition for Dudley Museum.