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Issues: Adopting the NAIC's revised actuarial opinion and memorandum requirements for life insurers; further cooperation with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on Medicare Part D drug prescription plans and related issues; monitoring federal legislation activities regarding insurance regulation.
* Issues in a taxpayer's case designated for litigation;
Current Hot Issues: Pension reform, post-retirement medical benefits, holding company stock in a 401 (k)
Libraries striving to build collections of geospatial data are increasingly faced with a variety of legal issues related to these agreements.
The task force concluded that because most issues identified by IRS examiners (particularly within the LMSB Division) affect more than one taxpayer, IRS personnel have used the TAM process as more than a vehicle for resolving issues in specific cases.
It summarizes the content of each article by indicating how the arguments and issues discussed dovetail into one another.
Previously, this newsletter allowed a PDF sample issue to be downloaded, without requiring a sign-up.
In fact, there are 13 wealth issues that people are likely to face over the course of their lives.
I began having conversations with African-Americans about getting involved with the Interfaith Youth Core's emerging campaign on issues concerning immigrants.
It is divided into five parts: history and context, counselor self-preparation for working with gay and lesbian clients, client-focused interventions useful for counseling with gay and lesbian clients, program-focused interventions useful for addressing the special issues that this group presents, and appropriate advocacy or social action interventions.
They agree on using public money to pay for abortions and abortion clinics; they agree on providing benefits to homosexual couples; they agree on re-defining marriage to include any two people of any sex; they agree on what type of sex education to enforce in schools and promote contraception; they agree on the over-the counter sale of the "morning after" pill; and they are probably going to agree on the thrust of the left-lib, homosexual agenda for "advancing" these issues even further.
I also embraced the strategies of providing "students with experiences of seeing a question from multiple perspectives" and giving "students practice at contextualizing controversial issues" (Pace, 2003, 43).
The section dealing with the environment dealt with the main characteristics and issues of the environment, and the main strategies pursued and recommended to deal with this it.
"We are after recognition that the community has a role and should be consulted on these types of issues," Cohen says.
In addition to these issues, the intersection among the personal, social, physical, mental, and vocational aspects may at times be both complex and daunting for persons with MS and people who work with this population to understand.