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Issues: Commercial and personal lines modernization; agent licensing issues (stressing uniformity, what North Dakota is doing to make licensing more seamless); speed-to-market issues (new release of SERFF version, quick turnaround in rate filings).
Issues for which arbitration would not be consistent with sound tax administration;
It continues to work through implementation issues surrounding Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 and related rules and standards with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) and the SEC, including anticipated amendments to Auditing Standard No.
From the task force's report, it is unclear what level of review is intended for this advice, but in TEI's view some review is desirable, particularly where the issues raised could affect areas covered by multiple disciplines (e.
Gbadegesin, Menkiti, and Mosley address the issue of ontological commitments from fairly divergent perspectives by also using the issue of the conception of a person as a backdrop.
The National Career Development Association (1994), American Counseling Association (1995), and American Psychological Association (2002) have well-defined ethical codes that offer guidance for individuals who work with sexual orientation issues as well as career issues.
According to Bishop Gracida, who reviewed it, "The Questionnaire should have been much shorter and should have been limited to questions on those issues on which there is a clear unequivocal teaching of the Church, e.
However, placing a controversial issue at the end of one segment detracted from the coherence of the course.
This accounts for the lack of any reference in the AHDR to the linkages between environmental and political issues in the Arab world such as the destruction of the environment in the Palestine and the Gulf region as a result of political decisions, or the political conflicts rooted in environmental issues such as the Turkish-Syrian conflict over the distribution of the water of the Euphrates.
We have a fairly solid body of research that shows that the inclusion of controversial issues taught in a certain way appear to be correlated positively with helping students develop attitudes that will spark later political participation," Hess explains.
Most pastors believe that for justice efforts to be successful, the issues and responses have to come from the average parishioners.
In your February 1971 issue you did a story titled "Black Image Makers On Madison Avenue.
This month's column includes our annual roundup of EITF issues covering the January 20 through November 17, 1994, meetings (see the sidebar on page 86).
Issues management is related to strategic planning and to technological and social forecasting.
Reading these early issues, one gets a clear sense of the urgency felt by the editors as they struggled to report on the cultural developments rapidly unfolding before them.