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Depending on market conditions and other factors, the Acquiror may from time to time acquire additional securities of the Issuer, or continue to hold or dispose of some or all of the securities of the Issuer by private agreement or otherwise.
The earlier draft required the ICO issuer to keep the proceeds under escrow with a reputable independent escrow agent.
--Lincoln Park School District (MI) Issuer Default Rating.
At the same time, these clauses will not apply in case of greenfield projects, which are newly built projects by the issuer and their commercial production/operation has not commenced.
Guaranty associations have imposed assessments only on the health insurance company members when LTCI issuers have failed, even though the biggest LTCI issuers have been better known for their life and annuity products than for their health insurance products.
The Issuer intends to use the net proceeds from the sale of the Additional Notes to accelerate the commercial rollout of Gogo's next-generation global satellite solution, 2Ku, for working capital and other general corporate purposes.
In order to achieve this maturity extension, the Issuer is offering for the 3 year extension portion the Spread Percentage of 6.5% per annum. "does not take into consideration whether an issuer pays a commission when auto-renewing consumers," exchange managers said, according to a written version of the answer posted on an exchange technical assistance website.
* require disclosure of actions taken pursuant to the policy in the issuer's proxy statement or annual report;
An issuer incurs legal fees, accounting fees, SEC registration costs, marketing expenses, expenses for participating in investor conventions, costs for acquiring and maintaining electronic communications systems, exchange and listing fees, filing fees, underwriting fees, mailing and printing costs in connection with sending out financial reports, annual reports, proxy mailings, and other administrative costs.
The guidelines also allow key persons to deal during the year without any restrictions provided that they are obliged to the rules of the issuer's policy in this regard.
The rule prohibits issuers from accessing cardholders with penalty fees of more than $25 for late payments or other violations of card terms--unless the cardholder has had repeated violations or the issuer can demonstrate that "a higher fee represents a reasonable proportion of the costs it incurred as a result of violations."
One of the hallmarks of the debt capital markets in recent years has been that a bond issuer could assume it would not have to repay its maturing debt out of corporate cash flow or asset sales.