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Far from seeking to make meaning where none is present, the Beckettian project is to confirm meaninglessness or, more precisely, "senseless, speechless, issueless misery" (p.
Sajjad gave his fourmonthold son Zeeshan to his brother Fayyas, as he was issueless.
M AIL T ODAY had on February 8 that while nearly 5,000 issueless parents in the country are on the waiting list since many years for adoption, large number of people from foreign countries, mostly of Europe and US are flying down and managing to adopt Indian children -- 600 to 800 of them -- every year easily by paying lakhs of rupees per child.
Without an understanding of the historical context, it is possible to dismiss Taylor's declarations that he is "a man of peace" as innocuous, issueless appeals.
The appearance of these two offers the dramatic promise for solving the commonwealth's problem regarding its issueless king.
Kennedy in 1960 and Jimmy Carter in 1976) or because, like the 1988 victory of "41" (White House-speak for George Bush the elder, our 41st president), they are the product of issueless campaigns.
Far from issueless or anti-incumbent, they were anti-crime, anti-government, anti-spending, anti-tax, across the nation, even in such liberal strongholds as Maryland and Massachusetts.
Possibly the elections were issueless and the ID Card condition.
According to media reports, one Mohammad Basharat nephew of victim (r) told police that bickering among the wife and husband had become a daily routine being the couple issueless.
Since we were issueless and I had no other liabilities, I started construction of my own Taj Mahal on a piece of land which was not useful for agricultural purposes," Kadari, a retired postmaster, said.