issue with

issue with (something)

To allocate, assign, or distribute something officially to one (who can be named between "issue" and "with"). A: "Are you sure the hospital issued you guys with a birth certificate when I was born?" B: "Uh, yes, they definitely did. It's got to be around here somewhere." Everyone has been issued with the uniforms they will need for the job.
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issue someone with something

to provide someone with something; to distribute something to someone. We issued them with the clothes they needed for the trip. Everyone was issued with supplies.
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References in classic literature ?
Hawkeye and his three companions withdrew a few paces to a shelter, and awaited the issue with calmness that nothing but great practise could impart in such a scene.
After discussing the issue with the Director of Field Operations, the original deadlines were affirmed.
Trager explained that one issue with the potential for affecting the taxpayer-IRS relationship is the IRS's examination of not only the annual corporate Form 1120, but also the individual income tax returns of the top corporate executives for the years under audit.
Competent Authority, so as to reach resolution of the issue with the foreign competent authority.
I let people know that I have established that relationship with that individual because I recognize that some people, no matter how open I try to be, may be uncomfortable coming and discussing an issue with me directly.
This could be an issue with drop shipments and home-rule jurisdictions.
If you resolve an issue with the agent, you may think this a good resolution of this issue.
The Institute has also discussed this issue with the National Commission on Restructuring the Internal Revenue Service.
The Commissioner's approval of accounting method changes is generally conditioned on the absence of an issue with respect to the method of accounting in a year preceding the year of change.
Burke noted that the Institute would raise the issue with representatives of the Canadian Department of Finance during the Canadian liaison meetings the following week.
(Editor's Note: TEI discussed this issue with the IRS at its liaison meeting the next day and has had a follow-up discussion with that agency.)
In addition, the examining district must coordinate its handling of the issue with the appropriate Industry Specialist.