issue to

issue (something) to (one)

To allocate, assign, or distribute something officially to one. A: "Are you sure the hospital issued a birth certificate to you guys when I was born?" B: "Uh, yes, they definitely did. It's got to be around here somewhere." In light of the mix-up, the company has stated that it will issue tickets to all customers free of charge.
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issue something to someone

to distribute or dispense something to someone. The front office issued new assignments to everyone today. New keys were issued to everyone.
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The editor appropriately limits a discussion of this issue to the preface, only to use it as a basis for introducing the articles in the book.
Previously, this newsletter allowed a PDF sample issue to be downloaded, without requiring a sign-up.
In the past, taxpayers often traded an issue to have a penalty removed.
This procedure (in place since 1992) allows taxpayers under examination to request the transfer of a developed, unagreed-on issue to Appeals, while Examinations continues to develop the other issues in the case.
5, the "New York" issue--which was in part the consequence of Dan Graham's suggestion to Brooks that she consider devoting an issue to the city--consolidated the magazine s increasing preoccupation (first announced in no.
For one thing, May 2004 is a very long time for such a damaging and divisive issue to be left festering and eating away at the fabric of the church.
Salaries remain an important issue to division employees.
And this is not, primarily, because the producers don't tell "the truth." To be sure, the news report's use of my words was not "truthful." But the bigger crime, in my view, was their refusal to allow an important issue to be talked about in any other way than the one that served their purposes: the one that insisted on author integrity and audience taste as the only factors at issue.
In their open-ended answers, they also connected the management support issue to a need to align the communication function with business issues and to do research to prove the value of communication programs.
Supporters of variable plan accounting also link this issue to a previous consensus on accounting for a tandem fixed award in a declining market, which was discussed in EITF issue no.
The terms of the covenants have varied from issue to issue, but they have had common features.
(One issue to be considered is the manner in which agents are measured.) Ms.
There is a longstanding mythology in newsletter industry literature that samples don't work in subscriber acquisition, except--the conventional reasoning goes--when it's a title where the content is similar from issue to issue, e.g., an oil industry price alert or an investment charting service.
If mediation is not requested, Appeals will close the early referral file and return jurisdiction over the issue to the District.