issue from

issue (forth) from (some thing or place)

To flow, ooze, or otherwise come out of something. A great deal of water issued forth from the pipe when it burst.
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issue from something

to come out or flow out of something. A delicious perfume issued from Sally's hair as she passed. A wonderful aroma issued from the kitchen as the bread baked.
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Roque went back, while Don Quixote remained on horseback, just as he was, waiting for day, and it was not long before the countenance of the fair Aurora began to show itself at the balconies of the east, gladdening the grass and flowers, if not the ear, though to gladden that too there came at the same moment a sound of clarions and drums, and a din of bells, and a tramp, tramp, and cries of "Clear the way there!" of some runners, that seemed to issue from the city.
Contain a representation that the issue is not an excluded issue from the
(It is expected that section of the Internal Revenue Manual will be revised by March 2005.) Appeals believes that penalties are a separate issue from tax and thus will treat penalties as a unique issue to be considered on its own merits.
The Privacy Council's Gary Clayton sets the stage with an overview of this critical issue from a global business perspective.
Together, they provide records and information managers with a more complete understanding of the importance of this issue from an ethical and business perspective.
Petrella replied that LMSB emphasizes in its training that taxpayers may request a review of an issue from a higher authority within the agency.