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Issues: Rating filing for auto rates, continue to pay attention to health insurance and health-care issues, Medicare Part D.
Issues for which a request for competent authority assistance has been filed under Rev.
We believe that the diversity and professional training of our members enable us to bring a balanced and practical perspective to the issues raised by the Chief Counsel notice.
The vocational issues of lesbian women and gay men [Special issue].
In offering my class this presentation of a controversial issue and following the pedagogy outlined, it is my hope that students grow in their appreciation of some of the complexities and challenges which confront us in our pluralistic society.
This accounts for the lack of any reference in the AHDR to the linkages between environmental and political issues in the Arab world such as the destruction of the environment in the Palestine and the Gulf region as a result of political decisions, or the political conflicts rooted in environmental issues such as the Turkish-Syrian conflict over the distribution of the water of the Euphrates.
Last year, one of Thomas' students wanted to research the issue of gay rights, but the parent refused to allow it.
As to whether other companies will use GM as a template, Khattri says that "if you have a clear-cut use for the bond issue, the capital markets are saying they have an appetite for this.
The first issue opened with a report about New York's burgeoning alternative spaces.
Both parties have supported the President's efforts to fight terrorism domestically and internationally, but realize that mid-term elections are rarely decided on international issues.
7, Issue 6, "CPSC Conducts Meeting on Upholstered Furniture: Industry Appears to Seek Federal Action.
Regular columns focus on important legislative issues, research, and sports nutrition.
In this case, CCR is offering three issues and Business Week has stretched the offer to include eight issues in the trial.
While issue advocacy can leave the impression that a listener should support or oppose a particular candidate, such messages cannot--under current law--be treated (and therefore regulated) as express advocacy by the Federal Elections Commission.
The millennium 2000 problem, namely the astounding fact that many computer clocks can't recognize the year 2000, is a pointedly obvious issue facing our computerized society.