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Issues: Addressing the health insurance issue, implementing the Insurance Receivership Model Act and planning an affordable catastrophe insurance program since earthquakes are biggest risk for Utah.
Describe the issue for which the taxpayer is requesting arbitration, including the dollar amount of the adjustment in dispute; and
The issue of how libraries acquire geospatial data is a prevalent one in this collection of articles.
While the IRS's desire to streamline the current multiple levels of review is understandable and admirable, we have concerns about giving an Associate or Assistant Chief Counsel the authority to issue and sign a Generic Legal Advice memorandum--especially one that he or she can unilaterally originate.
Many other books of African philosophy are omnibus in nature in that they cover a variety of issues. In this regard, it appears that the title African Philosophy does not do justice to the contents beneath it.
The addition of the free report kept us from losing leads because we got as many to sign up for both as had previously downloaded the single issue. And the number of internet-based subs we received has jumped from 3-4 per month to 6-8.
The other members of the Chicago Youth Council also had some experience of immigrant issues, albeit a less visceral one than their peers.
From the earliest (Brown, 1975) to the most recent articles in this domain (Pope & Barret, 2002), the issue of coming out has been central for gay men and lesbian women who are seeking career counseling.
However, placing a controversial issue at the end of one segment detracted from the coherence of the course.
The section dealing with the environment dealt with the main characteristics and issues of the environment, and the main strategies pursued and recommended to deal with this it.
In addition to these issues, the intersection among the personal, social, physical, mental, and vocational aspects may at times be both complex and daunting for persons with MS and people who work with this population to understand.
"GM is pre-funding and locking in the amounts, but they have significant financing costs," Oline notes, estimating the financing cost for the issue at around $1 billion annually.
That said--and Brooks's editorial aside--the first issue of ZG was something of a disappointment.
IT MIGHT BE possible -- or relatively easy -- to feel sympathy for the house of bishops' failure after three days of discussion, to come to a consensus on the issue of same-sex blessings.