isolate from

isolate (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To keep someone or something away from someone or something else. He's abusive, so of course he's trying to isolate Gail from the rest of her family. We need to isolate the healthy chickens from the ones that are sick.
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isolate someone or something from someone or something

to keep people or things separated from one another, in any combination. They isolated everyone from Sam, who was ill with malaria. We isolated the children from the source of the disease.
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Enterobacter sakazakii isolates obtained from the American Type Culture Collection, North Dakota bison and bovine feces, and one clinical isolate from a neonatal meningitis case were used from our laboratory.
It clustered phylogenetically with H5N1 viruses isolated in China in 2005 and was most closely related to a 2005 human isolate from Anhui, China (A/Anhui/1/2005) (11).
DQ195277), which showed 82.8% and 96% identity at the nucleotide and amino acid level, respectively, with a TOSV isolate from Italy (GenBank accession no.
Researchers failed to recover deer ticks from 7 sampling sites and recovered only a single Borrelia isolate from well-described B.
This occurred with US and Australian pig isolates in ET47 and a human isolate from Oman in ET48; an Australian pig isolate in ET61 and a UK human isolate in ET62; an isolate from an Australian HIV-positive person in ET64, and 1 Dutch and 1 US chicken isolate in ET65; and a Papua New Guinea canine isolate in ET68 and a French human blood isolate in ET69.
With the exception of the 1920 Utah type strain (Utah 112) and 1 isolate from California, the other 4 F.
Recently, a novel type V SCCmec type was characterized and found in a C-MRSA isolate from Australia (10).
The MRSA isolate from sputum was susceptible to all the non-[beta]-lactam antimicrobial drugs tested, including erythromycin, clindamycin, ciprofloxacin, tetracycline, kanamycin, and fusidic acid.
pneumophila serogroup 13 isolate from case 1; the Australian Legionella Reference Laboratory staff for typing the clinical and environmental isolates relating to case 2; Roslyn Podmore and her team from Canterbury Health Laboratories, who isolated Legionella species from the clinical specimens of patients with cases 3 and 4; and Paul Chadwick for reviewing the manuscript.
Previously published WNV isolates used in the analysis included the first WNV isolate from Uganda in 1937 (GenBank accession no.
ST398 was retrieved from 6 isolates from pig farmers; previously, it had only been reported in 1 isolate from the Netherlands.
Only 1 isolate from Antofagasta (ATC 230) and 1 from Puerto Montt (PMC 59) differed from the pandemic group in more than 1 property.
However, in school D, the isolate from the index patient had PFGE pattern 5, whereas the rest of the isolates from patients in school D had pattern 6.
However, the Etest (AB Biodisk, Solna, Sweden) showed that the isolates of the dog and the baby had an oxacillin MIC of 6 mg/L and the isolate from the nurse had an oxacillin MIC of 4 mg/L and could therefore be classified as oxacillin resistant.
With the exception of one 1983 isolate from Rondonia (BeH 413820) and one 1975 isolate from Aripuana in Mato Grosso (BeH 291597), all Brazilian YFV strains formed a single monophyletic clade.