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isolate someone or something from someone or something

to keep people or things separated from one another, in any combination. They isolated everyone from Sam, who was ill with malaria. We isolated the children from the source of the disease.
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The authors say that this diversity also occurs among viruses linked to human and monkey AIDS, and that the current approach of growing viruses in vitro before study may not isolate the more important strains.
indica (98% identity) and to other members of this tropical group of isolates.
The phylogenetic tree also illustrates the difference of lineage between the Reunion Island isolates and the Asian isolates.
The analysis of the 3' terminus of VP1 gene of the remaining 5 cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and 3 nasopharyngeal isolates showed that they were similar to the recently proposed EV75 serotype (5).
Resistance to ciprofloxacin has been found exceptionally in nontyphoidal Salmonella enterica isolates and only in serotypes Typhimurium, Choleraesuis, and Schwarzengrund (1-8).
Compared with ONNV isolate Gulu, the nsP3 sequence of our isolate featured a glycine-encoding codon deletion (nt 5249-5251, according to ONNV strain Gulu numbering).
Typhimurium accounted for [approximately equal to] 40% of all human Salmonella isolates each year.
8% and 96% identity at the nucleotide and amino acid level, respectively, with a TOSV isolate from Italy (GenBank accession no.
We describe the first case of Japanese spotted fever and the first isolate of spotted fever group rickettsia from a patient in South Korea.
Hemagglutination-inhibition (HI) and virus neutralization (VN) assays of acute- and convalescent-phase (11 and 45 days after the acute-phase sample) sera did not show evidence of sero-conversion against the patient's own isolate, A/Ontario/RV1273/05 (HI titer = 8 and VN titer = 16 on all 3 test dates).
Highly pathogenic H5N1 virus genetically related to the A/Chicken/ Shantou/4231/03 (People's Republic of China) isolate caused disease outbreaks in poultry in Japan from the end of December 2003 to March 2004 (4).