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it isn't worth it

1. Some action is not justified because it will not elicit a valuable or positive enough response. Mom can be so volatile, that's why I'm always hesitant to call her. I mean, if she's going to start yelling at me, then it isn't worth it to me.
2. Some thing is not as valuable or important as someone thinks. A: "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry I spilled wine on your rug! I'll pay to have it cleaned!" B: "Oh, this old thing? Please, it isn't worth it."
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it isn't worth the trouble

Something is not important, useful, or beneficial enough to justify the effort or difficulty required (to do something). With how much it will cost to get this car to run again, why fix it? It isn't worth the trouble. A: "Why don't you apply to some community service projects during the summer vacation?" B: "Eh, it isn't worth the trouble."
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It isn't worth it.

1. Its value does not justify the action you propose. Mary: Should I write a letter in support of your request? Sue: No, don't bother. It isn't worth it. John: Do you suppose we should report that man to the police? Jane: No, it isn't worth it.
2. . Its importance does not justify the concern you are showing. Tom: I'm so sorry about your roses all dying. Mary: Not to worry. It isn't worth it. They were sort of sickly anyway. John: Should I have this coat cleaned? The stain isn't coming out. Sue: It isn't worth it. I only wear it when I shovel snow anyway.
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It isn't worth the trouble.

Don't bother. It isn't worth it. Tom: Shall I wrap all this stuff back up? Mary: No. It's not worth the trouble. Just stuff it in a paper bag. Jane: Do you want me to try to save this little bit of cake? John: Oh, no! It's not worth the trouble. I'll just eat it.
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