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On days when the weather isn't so hot and humid, I leave it as it is.
However, the new report claims the device isn't so hot.
It's nice to know that there are activities like that here in Qatar, but it's probably best to do it when the weather isn't so hot. I don't know if I'll ever do it again, but it's a must try.
However, the Treaty County's record at Semple Stadium isn't so hot against other counties either with Limerick's last victory in the Munster Championship in Thurles coming way back in 1997 against Waterford in the preliminary round.
"She isn't so hot at the start of the gallop, which means she's got a better kick," said Dettori.
But the little wizard that is Lionel Messi isn't so hot from the spot, missing seven times for Barcelona --maybe he needs a run with the ball first.
e Battery life isn't so hot, and some snappers will be put off by the lack of option for adding a viewfinder, but at just over pounds 500 there's an awful lot of camera on offer here.
If your Spanish isn't so hot, the menu gives a good description of what each item is and you'll get plenty of friendly guidance from your waiter.
I know we aren't the only city to have problems with the big screen, Canary Wharf had many arrests and people taken to hospital, maybe this big screen idea isn't so hot after all.
But the morning after feeling isn't so hot. I could barely touch my breakfast and Gillian was slowly starting to resemble the hulk, David Banner as he's going through the change.
Those green highway signs are juicy targets but a prairie dog mound isn't so hot. A recent test found the limit at about 400 yards for our test pair, but bright objects could be ranged much further out.
Also, the hot plate Miller uses isn't so hot. It heats up to only about -1 [degrees] C.
The weather isn't so hot currently in North Dakota, either.