be made for (someone or something)

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be made for (someone or something)

1. Of clothing, to fit someone's body well. That suit looks like it was made for you! Wow, you had that dress made for you? How much is it?
2. To be ideally suited for someone, something, or some activity. I've never seen a happier couple than Tom and Anna—it's like they were made for each other! A: "This place was made for Susan, don't you think?" B: "Yeah, she would absolutely love it." Even from when he was a boy, everyone could tell that he was made for horse wrangling.
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made for someone

created to please someone or look good on someone in particular. This hat was made for me. This suit was just made for me!
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made for something

to have been designed or manufactured for some purpose; to be very suitable for something or some purpose. This night was made for love. This wrench is manufactured from the strongest metal. It is made for jobs just like this one.
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made for

Perfectly suited for: They're really made for each other.
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