be barking mad

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be barking mad

To be crazy or insane. Although its origin is unknown, the phrase may refer to rabid dogs. It's freezing today, and you're not going to wear a coat? Are you barking mad? You're barking mad if you think that plan will work.
See also: bark, mad

be barking ˈmad


be ˈbarking

(British English, informal) completely crazy: You’re playing tennis in this weather? You’re barking mad!
See also: bark, mad
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I was just typing this, the next line coming up being "it is barking mad to close down the last of the Yorkshire coalfield - on the grounds of it not being economic when we can buy in foreign products cheaper because that leaves us largely dependent on Russian gas and Russia can" It was at that point that an item came up on the Radio 4 news bulletin.
CBi chief John Cridland said: "Taking action at this moment, which weakens the ability of banks to provide the finance businesses need to grow, is barking mad.
Joan, who is so attached to her own pooch that she was rumoured to have had him with her when interviewing Saudi nurse Lucille McLauchlan, said: "Oscar, my Jack Russell, whose day doesn't really begin until he has chased his own postman off the steps, wants it known he is barking mad at this dastardly decision.
If your cat's got flu or your dog is barking mad, our vet has the answers.
Gary says: "Laura is barking mad, but I love her to bits.