be anybody's/anyone's guess

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be anybody's/anyone's guess

To be uncertain or unknown. Why dogs and cats hate each other is anybody's guess. No one has been able to determine why my daughter has been having nightmares—apparently, it's anybody's guess.
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be anybody's guess


be anyone's guess

If you say that something is anybody's guess or is anyone's guess, you mean that it is impossible to know what is true or what will happen. How she managed to stay there for an entire month was anybody's guess. How long the fuel would last was anyone's guess.
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A source said: "Quite what James Morrison and members of Rudimental had to do with Amy is anyone's guess."
I am still proud to say they are my club, like generations of my working class Geordie family before me, what they would make of this is anyone's guess. All football fans deserve a club that at least tries to compete."
what it says is anyone's guess: a wing clipped, a valve in
So how the SFA are the only ones who didn't see a week like we've just had coming is anyone's guess.
HOW much longer the Royal Mail can remain in business delivering small parcels is anyone's guess.
What might happen next is anyone's guess. There are not many TV shows that are genuinely unmissable, but Homeland ticks all the boxes.
Although what Yeung made of Scott Dann, in his broad Scouse accent, saying 'happy birthday' to camera in the tycoon's native tongue is anyone's guess!
Quite where the other pounds 650,000 in accrued costs comes from is anyone's guess.
These days plastic surgery is almost seen as the norm in Hollywood, so why Demi wants to say she hasn't gone under the knife is anyone's guess.
How they're going to drop a runway into the middle of the newly refurbished lounge bar is anyone's guess, but it's going to be interesting finding out.
Where the Tory leader will turn up next is anyone's guess.
Known for depicting worlds in which human behavior is raw and exaggerated, ChameckiLerner are now experimenting "with the concept of extinguishing themselves as an artistic entity." Whether or not these two will continue into the next 15 years together is anyone's guess. Catch them while you can.
What the other 84 people working for Cheney do is anyone's guess.)
What would happen to landowners in the area is anyone's guess, but according to the plan's authors, there would be "adequate incentives for local landowners."
The replay showed that all his rivals were under pressure before him, so how he could have been made a 49-1 chance is anyone's guess. It wasn't to small money, either, with pounds 1,471 matched, so a few small punters could have paid for their summer holidays with this one.