be anybody's guess

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be anybody's/anyone's guess

To be uncertain or unknown. Why dogs and cats hate each other is anybody's guess. No one has been able to determine why my daughter has been having nightmares—apparently, it's anybody's guess.
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be anybody's guess


be anyone's guess

If you say that something is anybody's guess or is anyone's guess, you mean that it is impossible to know what is true or what will happen. How she managed to stay there for an entire month was anybody's guess. How long the fuel would last was anyone's guess.
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He's the only character still standing who appeared in that very first episode back in 1986, although how long for is anybody's guess - Charlie suffers a heart attack after diving into freezing water to save Zoe's life at her wedding reception.
What awaits in Israel on Tuesday is anybody's guess, with Evans and defensive partner Gareth McAuley both suspended alongside midfielder Oliver Norwood.
The fact that HRT is based in Spain rather than F1' s technical hub, the United Kingdom, is another reason why any buyer would hesitate to put money the operation, and bearing that in mind, whether the outfit will make it to the grid for the seasonopening Australian Grand Prix in March is anybody's guess.
Whatsoever the reason, why these people have suddenly increased rents is anybody's guess.
But now, the Doctor and his friends must try to find a way out of the wreckage of a crashed space liner - how they're going to do that before the Weeping Angels close in on them is anybody's guess.
Then again, what she'll make of Ross's style (of interviewing, rather than clothing) is anybody's guess.
But what the episode says about the attraction of the job itself is anybody's guess.
The teams' play again tonight in Seattle, and how Sam Cassell (abdominal strain), Cuttino Mobley (strained groin) and Tim Thomas (back spasms) respond is anybody's guess.
Where they will strike next against American interests, pitting their box cutters against aircraft carriers, is anybody's guess.
How long borrowers will be able to count on this condition remaining in place, however, is anybody's guess.
What happens in between is anybody's guess, something that the most intrepid explorers find out when they navigate a river for the first time.
When, and if, they'll look back is anybody's guess.
JUST how many junior exercise bikes, weight benches and treadmills Santa will leave for children across Ireland is anybody's guess.
Who has the diamonds and where is anybody's guess, and the reader gets the delight of being caught up in this wild goose chase.
What Jeff's story means is anybody's guess, despite a small smorgasbord of proffered possibilities (Jeff and his double are halves of a split personality; one is the other's "guardian angel"; one is the product of the other's fiction-infected imagination).