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keep (some kind of) hours

1. To maintain a particular pattern or schedule of being awake and asleep. Because of the huge time difference, Sam has kept really strange hours since coming back from Japan. It's important that the kids start keeping regular hours when they are young, since having unpredictable bedtimes can cause a lot of problems with sleep.
2. To maintain particular business hours. The local doctor has always kept rather irregular hours. Sometimes it just comes down to luck whether he'll be there at all on a given day.
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on an irregular basis

Not very often and/or in an inconsistent, irregular manner. The general manager drops into the restaurant on a pretty irregular basis, so the members of staff tend to be pretty laid back here.
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What are the security concerns when refugee claimants cross irregularly?
An irregularly shaped length of all purpose highway measuring 37.4 square metres fronting Nos.
Epandrium with strong setae, irregularly hemispherical; surstylus elongate and margin with dense setulae.
For her part, Tan confirmed her statement that they have asked lawmakers to return the irregularly disbursed PDAF from 2007 to 2009.
The proposed irregularly shaped diaphragm is inserted in Port 4.
The flexible, efficient Z-Shore also can be configured in a pre-built 4-way hydraulic frame to fit difficult or irregularly shaped holes.
He felt his pulse and noticed that it was "irregularly irregular."
I got up and ran to the front room, the windows of which looked on the street, and there, to my intense surprise, I saw a steady stream of men covered with mud, soaked through with rain, who were pouring irregularly, without any semblance of order, up Pennsylvania Avenue towards the Capitol....
The 3M Ceramic Microspheres additive is spherical in shape, unlike other fillers, which are irregularly shaped.
Included are immigrant seasonal workers and those who are irregularly employed.
A pathologist's report read at an inquest in Morpeth said Mr Watson had an enlarged heart which had begun to beat irregularly.
The rethinking of car design embodied by the Smart Car parallels the story of 340 Madison: In a remarkable engineering and architectural feat, Macklowe transformed an obsolete 22-story, 550,000 s/f irregularly shaped building in the heart of New York's midtown business district into a breathtakingly modern 750,000 s/f glass office tower.
At first, stalactites grow irregularly, but once they've reached a length of 5 cm or so they take on a characteristic shape.
For M scale testing, the company manufactures the micro system, which is designed to determine the hardness of soft elastomers too thin or too irregularly shaped, such as small o-rings, for measurement with macro durometers.
The use of irregularly spaced data is briefly discussed, almost at the level of an aside, and does not sufficiently acquaint the novice with viable alternatives that allow this procedure.