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keep (some kind of) hours

1. To maintain a particular pattern or schedule of being awake and asleep. Because of the huge time difference, Sam has kept really strange hours since coming back from Japan. It's important that the kids start keeping regular hours when they are young, since having unpredictable bedtimes can cause a lot of problems with sleep.
2. To maintain particular business hours. The local doctor has always kept rather irregular hours. Sometimes it just comes down to luck whether he'll be there at all on a given day.
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on an irregular basis

Not very often and/or in an inconsistent, irregular manner. The general manager drops into the restaurant on a pretty irregular basis, so the members of staff tend to be pretty laid back here.
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This initiative forms part of a larger IOM project, funded by the AICS, aiming to bridge together youth, diaspora and local authorities to promote employment and address irregular migration in The Gambia.
Irregular migration has negative effects on food, shelter, services, hygiene, drainage, law and order of a country.
The irregular rhythm notification feature was recently studied in the Apple Heart Study which found "only 0.5 per cent of participants received irregular pulse notifications, an important finding given concerns about potential over-notification."
It evaluated the Apple Watch's irregular rhythm notification, that occasionally checks the heart's rhythm in the background and sends a notification if it detects any irregularity, which could be suggestive of atrial fibrillation.
Prime Minister Hun Sen on August 15, 2017 signed sub-decree 129 on the 'cancellation and revocation of irregular documents used by foreigners living in Cambodia'.
The other irregularities identified in the special reports include irregular award of contract worth Rs1.61m, irregular sale of goods worth Rs153.78m and other financial irregularities worth Rs12.529m.
According to the report, the watchdog agency is investigating Sh1.5 billion irregular procurement at the Kenya Ports Authority Pension scheme, Sh120 million alleged loss of public funds and irregular procurement at Kemri and Sh60 million illegal transfer of public property to a private person at NSSF.
More than 10 union members burst into the conference room at around 9:40 a.m., after skirmishing with company officials who blocked their way, and staged a protest arguing the normalization plan neglects irregular workers and the plan is a deception unless these workers are guaranteed regular jobs.
BRUSSELS, April 13 (KUNA) -- In the first quarter of 2018, the total number of irregular border crossings to Europe halved to 18,800, mainly because of lower migratory pressure on the Central Mediterranean route.
23, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- The most frequent dermoscopic criteria for melanoma in situ (MIS) are regression, atypical network, and irregular dots and/or globules, according to a study published online Feb.
Governing Irregular Migration: Bordering Culture, Labour, and Security in Spain
Doing What You Know: The United States and 250 Years of Irregular War
Seoul, May 27 (BNA): South Korea's trade ministry is planning to turn 30,000 irregular jobs at 41 public agencies under its wing into regular ones within the next five years, government officials said.