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on an irregular basis

Not very often and/or in an inconsistent, irregular manner. The general manager drops into the restaurant on a pretty irregular basis, so the members of staff tend to be pretty laid back here.
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keep (some kind of) hours

1. To maintain a particular pattern or schedule of being awake and asleep. Because of the huge time difference, Sam has kept really strange hours since coming back from Japan. It's important that the kids start keeping regular hours when they are young, since having unpredictable bedtimes can cause a lot of problems with sleep.
2. To maintain particular business hours. The local doctor has always kept rather irregular hours. Sometimes it just comes down to luck whether he'll be there at all on a given day.
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What was unclear, however, was whether levels that were high but still within the normal range could also increase the risk of irregular heartbeat.
In this study, well-defined shape had a specificity of 75-80% in predicting benignity while irregular shape had a sensitivity and specificity of 100% and 67% for diagnosing malignancy respectively.
LAMBDA], [THETA]) is called neighbourly totally irregular neutrosophic graph if every two adjacent vertices of G have distinct closed neighborhood degrees.
It is important to mention that there exist graphs for which the irregular chromatic index is not defined, that is graphs which cannot be decomposed into locally irregular subgraphs at all (consider [K.
Figure 4 illustrates the continuous wavelet coefficients (CWC) of F3 for the undamaged and damaged cases of the regular and irregular buildings.
An intriguing theme running throughout Unlawful Combatants is irregular warfare often occurs at the edges of conventional war, and even as an authorized auxiliary to it, e.
6 The kind of mole that's called irregular or atypical.
A primary strength of the author's argumentation is that it offers an alternative point of view regarding how Europe should look at its existing irregular migration "problem.
Theorem 2 The total vertex irregular strength of triangular ladder TLn, for n = 8, isProof.
Many defense and security establishments around the world recognize that irregular conflicts are on the rise and may dominate warfare for the foreseeable future while the number of conventionally fought wars is declining.
of Neuchatel, Switzerland) has prepared an analysis of international human rights law and irregular migration movement into and out of Morocco.
Is having an irregular heartbeat always dangerous to your health?
In their introductory note the editors emphasize the fact that irregular migrants are not a uniform mass but are foremost persons who have decided to leave their country for individual and very different reasons (p.
What is interesting about the Kiki Strike series is that Miller's Irregulars are not static types, nor does Miller reduce the Irregulars' victories to distractions from "normal girl" activities.
Irregular payment on site preparation for engineer's office - Rs 73.