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Instead he kept me ironed just as he had been; then he kicked Bradley out of my room and took it all to himself.
There's nothing to say about him except that he always looks as if he had just been starched and ironed.
Sheldon ironed them in pairs, and ran a steel chain through the links of the irons.
Originally a teak- built, gentleman's yacht, brass-fitted, copper-fastened, angle- ironed, sheathed in man-of-war copper and with a fin-keel of bronze, she had been sold into the Solomon Islands' trade for the purpose of blackbirding or nigger-running.
And after supper they worked until ten o'clock, under the blazing electric lights, until the last piece of under-clothing was ironed and folded away in the distributing room.
Dog, your weight's to the good, and that ear can be ironed out by any respectable dog--doctor.
A broken slate that had blown off the roof, an inch or two of pencil, an old almanac for a reader, several bits of brown or yellow paper ironed smoothly and sewn together for a copy-book, and the copies sundry receipts written in Aunt Plenty's neat hand.