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Well, it may take at least one series to iron out the wrinkles. Talking of which, this week she's joined by a man who loves nothing more than such crease-reducing shenanigans: Chris Eubank.
"We want to iron out the wrinkles now before we expand."
MIDLAND comic Frank Skinner has been secretly visiting a plastic surgeon in a bid to iron out the wrinkles in his face, it was reported last night.
Phi Delta Kappa (PDK), however, isn't even trying to iron out the wrinkles in its widely cited surveys of America's attitudes toward the public schools, Terry Moe's powerful Check the Facts shows that PDK, using the venerable Gallup label, routinely fixes its survey questions to get the answers it wants, at least on the issue of school vouchers.
Currently recovering from a skin cancer operation, he has despatched some of his best men to try to iron out the wrinkles in the peace process.