iron hand

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an iron hand

1. A particularly severe, forceful, and uncompromising manner of doing something. Tom is in for it now with his wife. She might seem like a nice lady to us, but she runs her house with an iron hand.
2. A person who does things in such a manner. The new leader of the country rose to power with promises of democracy and equality, but he soon proved to be an iron hand as his despotic intentions came to light.
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iron hand

A manner that is severe, forceful, or uncompromising. Grandma runs the house with an iron hand—if you break a rule, you're grounded for weeks.
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iron hand

Rigorous control, as in He ruled the company with an iron hand. This usage is sometimes put as iron hand in a velvet glove, meaning "firm but seemingly gentle control," as in She runs the town with an iron hand in a velvet glove. [c. 1700]
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an iron ˈfist/ˈhand (in a velvet ˈglove)

harsh treatment of somebody that is hidden behind a gentle manner: The president ruled his country by using an iron fist in a velvet glove.
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It's necessary to promulgate tough laws to put them down with an iron hand.
Addressing the day long conference of Chief Secretaries and Director Generals of Police on crimes against women and atrocities against SCs/STs held here today, Shinde said: "This needs to be curbed with an iron hand.
Authorities would "strike with an iron hand all those who seek to tamper with the nation's security," Justice Minister Abdel Aziz al-Gindi told reporters after the Cabinet held crisis talks.
Saxe's American Iron Hand Presses (1992), but it should prove a useful companion to those who search for, investigate, and buy presses in the wild.
PAC's chairman, Edward Leigh, argued: "If the Games are to be the great success we all want them to be, then the risks to delivery will have to be managed with an iron hand.
The statement warned that 'the brigades of death are at your doors,' adding that they would strike 'with an iron hand at the right time and place'.
Discipline was enforced with an iron hand, with physical punishment frequently applied to those who broke the rules.
He is devoted to his great-uncle, Julius Caesar, who rules Rome with an iron hand.
Bush, check this out with Donald; this is big, very big and it might prove to you that Lebanon, if free from Syria's iron hand, desperately wants peace in the Middle East.
As Insight said at the time, "The union rules with an iron hand.
Archetypal machine politician Tom Pendergast, who ran Kansas City with a proverbial iron hand, aided Harry Truman's political rise at virtually every step.
This role put surintendantes in the contradictory position of ministering to the needs of women workers while enforcing the iron hand of the boss, a difficult game which Downs analyzes skillfully with evidence from the private journals of the social workers themselves.
The above-mentioned monsters should be dealt with an iron hand .
There is a need to use iron hand to wipe out Islamic State-inspired, terrorist groups like the Abu Sayyaf and Maute who kill and behead Muslims, Christians and just anyone opposed to their radical religious views.
In an address during the Haj, the mufti called on fellow Islamic leaders to "hit with an iron hand the enemies of Islam".