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involve someone in something

to draw someone into a matter or problem. Please don't involve me in this mess. I da not wish to involve myself in Alice's business. I didn't want to involve you in the problem we are having with the police.
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involve someone with someone or something

1. to cause someone to associate with someone or something. Don't try to involve me with John. I can't stand him. We will try to involve all the teachers with the new association. I will not involve myself with such goings-on.
2. to connect someone or someone's name to activity (often wrongdoing) associated with someone or something. Don't try to involve Amy with the crime. She is innocent. We involved the committee with the intense lobbying effort, and everyone began to see the extent of its influence.
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Involver developed software called Social Markup Language or SML as well as its sibling, Visual SML, which allows developers to build "pixel-perfect" application development.
San Francisco, California based Involver develops marketing applications that can be deployed exclusively on Facebook (Nasdaq: FB ).
Originally, it was only an exclusively Sasha Involver project, but DJs have been using it so much, it's coming out as a single on November 15.
Monday sees the release of Sasha's eagerly anticipated Involver CD on Global Underground and he'll be previewing tracks from it at Shindig tomorrow.
The Element of Freedom' to Debut Exclusively on Facebook in Partnership with Leading Social Media Technology Firm Involver
Born in Venezuela, Karina Correa-Maury most recently was a director at Topping Media, a New York public relations firm where she conducted strategic public relations programs for clients including Involver, NorthStar and Coleman Research Groups.
SASHA'S obviously been inspired by the success of his Involver project - 120,000 sales and counting - so the legendary DJ has been busy reworking tracks for part two.
The series starts in San Francisco on January 21, 2011, with keynote Tyler Willis, Involver founder and director of marketing, speaking on "How Email Marketers are Uniquely Positioned for Social Media Success.
Involver is the latest mix album from the DJ most dance fans rate as the best in the world, and it's certainly all Sasha.
Foster Farms partnered with Involver - a social media marketing platform recognized for its work with The White House's Commission on Remembrance and Facebook Sports - to extend the Say No to Plumping campaign on Facebook.
SAN FRANCISCO, March 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Involver, the most flexible social media platform, announced today that since May 2009, over 40,000 brands are using its technology to engage over 100 Million people on Facebook.
That measure makes several changes to the code governing relations between brewers and distributors, including banning "reach back" pricing, which involvers brewers selling beer to distributors based on the prices the distributors charge retailers.
This is then called living and involving literature, that neonaturalistic primitive literature, which copies provincial mores and customs, weddings, parties, funerals, murders, miscarriages, and all of this essentially in the name of involvement, enlightenment, and some always new literary renaissance, and not once did one of our involvers ask for whom is his type of involved picture of our "little man" necessary, when that little man about whom and for whom he writes is not only illiterate (semi-illiterate and quarterly illiterate) but also still primitive and fears every book.