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involve someone in something

to draw someone into a matter or problem. Please don't involve me in this mess. I da not wish to involve myself in Alice's business. I didn't want to involve you in the problem we are having with the police.
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involve someone with someone or something

1. to cause someone to associate with someone or something. Don't try to involve me with John. I can't stand him. We will try to involve all the teachers with the new association. I will not involve myself with such goings-on.
2. to connect someone or someone's name to activity (often wrongdoing) associated with someone or something. Don't try to involve Amy with the crime. She is innocent. We involved the committee with the intense lobbying effort, and everyone began to see the extent of its influence.
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Second, school social workers can encourage the educational involvement of foster caregivers by making explicit invitations for their involvement.
Child welfare caseworkers can provide training to increase educators' awareness of the needs of youth in foster care and to dispel common misconceptions that create low expectations for student achievement and caregiver involvement.
Fredricks and Eccles' (2004) parental influences model is a theoretical framework that can be used to study parental involvement in youth sport.
Gendered Parental Involvement of Mothers and Fathers
Rasool Muhammad, son of Ahmed Jan, was sentenced to death for his involvement in attacking the armed forces personnel which resulted in the deaths of four soldiers.
Sohail Ahmed, son of Usman Ali, was sentenced to death for his involvement in the killings of three civilians, Sub Inspector Mustafa Khan, and a police constable.
Here are some statements about citizen involvement taken from the 27- minute presentation to the board that I believe act as roadblocks to achieving citizen involvement in Lane County:
Such sentiments do not take the place of the annual plan of Citizen Involvement Committee.
In Cameroun, fear of being perceived as a jealous husband following his wife around was one of the reasons for lack of involvement in ANC services (17).
This research project will provide transportation agencies and public involvement professionals with examples of successful practices/case studies from transportation and other fields, a menu of tested measures for assessing the effectiveness of their public involvement efforts, and methods for establishing such targets (i.
Parent involvement theories such as Epstein's have, however, been critiqued as privileging middle-class values, parenting styles and ways of being, and thus as representing a restricted view that fails to account for diversity in parent involvement practices (Avvisati et al.
The aim of this study was to observe the pattern of extranodal NHL in terms of morphological type and site of extranodal involvement at our centre.
Although father involvement with children has been researched extensively over the past twenty years, prenatal father involvement has gained scholarly attention relatively recently.
Hoover-Dempsey and Sandler (1995) stated that Parental Involvement consisted of two types of activities, home-based activities and school-based activities.
Issues related to the lack of parental involvement include lack of a clear definition of parental involvement; parents not knowing how to help a child academically; lack of encouragement from the teachers; parents are only contacted when something is wrong; and teacher treatment of parents.