involved with

*involved with something

established in an association with something or some organization. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; become ~.) Bill got involved with a volunteer organization. Mary is very much involved with her club activities.
See also: involved
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We are hiring new brokers and working more with developers and it's very exciting to be involved with a company that is growing
We know from research that young people in 4-H are far more involved in their communities than young people involved with other youth organizations.
Criminal gang member/associate: A person involved with a criminal gang who either bears a tattoo that represents a specific gang or states his or her membership in a specific gang.
What motivates these stakeholders to become personally involved with sensitive projects that often have potential environmental or public health impact?
From what we have observed, though, folks who become tutors do also become mentors as a by-product, even though they don't become involved with it for that purpose.
In Caracas, the firm is involved with a local developer in a 2 million-square-foot master plan for Banco Mercantile.