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get involved (in or with someone or something)

1. To establish an association, typically work related, with something or some organization. Johnny's getting involved with a non-profit health clinic during his summer vacation. I've gotten involved in campaigns for a number of political candidates over the years.
2. To become embroiled in some event, situation, or predicament. I make it a point never to get involved in other people's personal affairs.
3. To become emotionally, romantically, or sexually associated with someone. I got involved with Georgina over two years ago, and we both couldn't be happier! You should never get involved with a co-worker or colleague—it can only lead to trouble.
4. To become embroiled in the actions, plans, or developments of another person. Your stupid schemes are going to cost me everything I have; I should never have gotten involved with you!
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caught up in something

 and caught up with something
deeply involved with something; participating actively or closely in something. Wallace is caught up in his work and has little time for his son, Buxton.
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 (with someone)
1. associated with someone romantically. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) Sally is getting involved with Bill. They've been seeing a lot of each other. I hope they don't get too involved with each other.
2. having established a romantic association with something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) Bill is involved with Jane, and it's looking serious. Mary is very much involved with Tom.

*involved with something

established in an association with something or some organization. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; become ~.) Bill got involved with a volunteer organization. Mary is very much involved with her club activities.
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get involved

Become associated, especially in an emotional or sexual way. For example, He joined the company last year but never really got involved in the work, or It's been two years since Tom got involved with Jean.
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References in classic literature ?
Of these light- blue tickets, one had been presented by an ambitious neighbour to Miss Morleena Kenwigs, with an invitation to join her daughters; and Mrs Kenwigs, rightly deeming that the honour of the family was involved in Miss Morleena's making the most splendid appearance possible on so short a notice, and testifying to the dancing-master that there were other dancing-masters besides him, and to all fathers and mothers present that other people's children could learn to be genteel besides theirs, had fainted away twice under the magnitude of her preparations, but, upheld by a determination to sustain the family name or perish in the attempt, was still hard at work when Newman Noggs came home.
Movements produced in this way are vital movements, while mechanical movements are those in which the stored energy of a living body is not involved.
In the case of speaking, the chief instinct involved is commonly supposed to be that of imitation, but this may be questioned.
Is it to be supposed, for example, that if either of your fathers were living now, and had any mistrust on that subject, his mind would not be changed by the change of circumstances involved in the change of your years?
There are great interests involved here, and, before all things, I have had to consider the welfare of our friends.
That they then began to demolish the house with great fury, and setting fire to it in several parts, involved in a common ruin the whole of the costly furniture, the plate and jewels, a beautiful gallery of pictures, the rarest collection of manuscripts ever possessed by any one private person in the world, and worse than all, because nothing could replace this loss, the great Law Library, on almost every page of which were notes in the Judge's own hand, of inestimable value,--being the results of the study and experience of his whole life.
Carter says that if Broad does become involved with an NFL team in Los Angeles, it will be because it makes good business sense.
The VPMA may become involved in establishing separate physician panels for MSOs, PHOs, or managed care organizations.
Perhaps what is involved in bringing these two factors into sync, and thus generating this transformation from natural leaders into efficient managers, is having the "right" attitude which consists of possessing what is commonly referred to as "people skills.
It eliminates disjointed communication among the various sectors involved in the rehabilitation process.
There can be no halfway house--management has to be passionately involved and supportive in all aspects of TQM.
The greater the shared knowledge, the less likely there are to be misunderstandings; but, when participants have little knowledge of the other cultures or systems involved, some problems are almost assured.
and French scientists involved in testing an experimental AIDS vaccine failed to receive proper U.
Because of the variables involved, price and delivery time may be unreliable criteria for differentiating between service bureaus.
Several enzymes are involved in drug metabolism of which the most important ones are those belonging to the family of cytochrome P450.