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involve someone in something

to draw someone into a matter or problem. Please don't involve me in this mess. I da not wish to involve myself in Alice's business. I didn't want to involve you in the problem we are having with the police.
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involve someone with someone or something

1. to cause someone to associate with someone or something. Don't try to involve me with John. I can't stand him. We will try to involve all the teachers with the new association. I will not involve myself with such goings-on.
2. to connect someone or someone's name to activity (often wrongdoing) associated with someone or something. Don't try to involve Amy with the crime. She is innocent. We involved the committee with the intense lobbying effort, and everyone began to see the extent of its influence.
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There is hardly a subject of litigation between individuals, which may not involve those ingredients of fraud, accident, trust, or hardship, which would render the matter an object of equitable rather than of legal jurisdiction, as the distinction is known and established in several of the States.
4 : to be accompanied by <The plan involves some risk.
Many tax-avoidance or "listed transactions" may involve exempt parties as a way of accomplishing their goals.
In addition, it is imperative to involve various professionals and agencies who can address and intervene with the various needs affecting the Latino student population from a resiliency or asset based model (La Roche & Shriberg, 2004; Osterling, 2001).
This applies especially to passive spinal stretching in the hands of amateurs as well as forceful attempts to assume certain yoga postures which involve spinal hyperflexion, hyperextension, and rotation.
Fiduciary relationships involve duties of trust and confidence.
A sequel project might well involve the role of children, and concern about children, in motivating and shaping resistance to globalization.
In 1974, Karapandzic first described the use of a myocutaneous flap to close defects that involve more than half the lip surface area.
does it involve interpreting of a statute that is unique to a state as opposed to being similar to statutes in other jurisdictions?
Original jurisdiction: The Court must hear eases that may set a precedent (ruling that can later be used to justify a similar case), and other legal disputes that involve a state or the federal government.
Work practices involve training employees to perform tasks in ways that reduce their exposure to workplace hazards.
In 13 states, the most serious offenses involve victims younger than 12 (in two of these, younger than 10).
The case that led to the found-ing of the original Washington Independent Newsletter Association involve accreditation to the Congressional Press Galleries.