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involuntary celibate

A label self-applied by members of the online subculture of men (mostly young, white, and heterosexual) who claim to be unable to find or attract women as romantic partners and post consequent expressions of self-pity, entitlement, and misogyny, as well sometimes promoting or condoning violence toward others (especially those who are sexually active). The phrase is commonly contracted as "incel." Elliot Rodger, perpetrator of the 2014 Isla Vista killings, has been celebrated as a hero by some involuntary celibates—so-called incels.
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involuntary dismount

n. falling off a bike or motorcycle. He impacted a monolith and suffered an involuntary dismount.
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Although the issue was not specifically before the Blixseth Court, if a debtor contests an involuntary petition, the petitioning creditors have the burden of proving that the debtor is generally not paying its debts, not otherwise subject to a bona fide dispute as to liability or amount, as such debts become due.
1) To study psychosocial adjustments in patients with involuntary movement disorders.
We've received a number of requests, including from some governors and drug policy directors, to look into the possibility of drafting language for an effective civil involuntary commitment law.
Ninety-one percent of respondents cited automated credit card account updates as a way to prevent monthly declines and combat involuntary churn.
Involuntary part-time workers and the unemployed also report similar levels of agreement about having "enough money to do everything I want to do.
This suggests that there have been structural shifts--not just cyclical ones--that are keeping involuntary part-time employment high.
Involuntary retirees can receive DI benefits if they are in poor health, however the program's definition of disability is restrictive such that not all applicants reporting poor health qualify.
The involuntary part-time employment rate more than doubled between 2007 and 2012.
The Government of Pakistan has taken a number of steps to address the issue of Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances in the country.
Sweden-based investment bank, HQ Bank AB has announced that it is going into involuntary liquidation.
After we returned from the involuntary vacation, the company did not give us a direct response as to what is going to happen with us in the future," says Fetahu.
1 : not done consciously <an involuntary whimper>
The airline has been working with the unions which represent its employees in an effort to agree feasible solutions to keep the number of involuntary layoffs necessary to a minimum.
Kenny Richey pleaded no contest to attempted involuntary manslaughter at Putnam County Common Pleas Court in Ottawa, Ohio, and is to return to the UK today.