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invoke something (up)on someone or something

to call something, such as judgment, power, wrath of God, etc., to deal with someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The duke invoked the wrath of God upon his enemies—to no avail. Walter invoked divine assistance on the proceedings, which weren't going very well.
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Invoke is presently available exclusively in the U.
Available in Pearl Silver (White) and Graphite (Black), Invoke has a sleek, modern design that enhances any home.
Harman Kardon's listing hows that the Invoke will feature metallic speaker cabinet and offer 360-degree audio output.
Invoke is currently hiring over 20 highly skilled professionals internationally to answer an ever growing demand for first class software solutions.
With the futureproofed solutions from Tieto and Invoke customers can deliver accurate reports to authorities smoothly and thus utilize their resources more efficiently.
Unfortunately, she cannot invoke section 20 in a sine die plenary session," Estrella told reporters in an interview.
UBmatrix (Euronext:BNB), a provider of XBRL-based software solutions for global organisations and enterprises, and Invoke, a publisher of dedicated software for the preparation and processing of financial and tax-related information, announced on Tuesday that the companies will be demonstrating a smart XBRL forms solution at the 19th International XBRL Conference in Paris.
Would public school teachers who are Muslim be as free to invoke the name of Allah in front of their students as public school teachers who are Christian would be to invoke the name of Jesus in front of their students?
Although the author does not deal explicitly with the question of American welfare exceptionalism, or invoke comparative analysis, her account of the way the courts intervened in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to shape the emergence of American social policy provides helpful insights into this question.
Parliament can invoke the notwithstanding clause of the Constitution to declare in a simple statutory enactment that the traditional definition of marriage shall remain in effect in Canada, despite any supposed conflict that the courts might perceive with the equality rights of homosexuals.
Essentially this clause is saying: Our agencies made us too much money this year, so instead of giving the agencies their full contingency bonuses we are going to invoke the stability clause to cut their contingencies.
The Zambian decision to invoke the precautionary principle illustrates how a bad idea can have drastic consequences.
13) If a custodial subject makes a vague reference to counsel after initially waiving the Miranda rights, it is insufficient to invoke the right to counsel and the government has no obligation to ask clarifying questions.
As I invoke Black Speak, I avert standardized speech patterns and adopt the counter-cultural.
But even more surprising than the sudden indictment in the cold case was Ashcroft's decision to invoke a little-known federal law, the 1994 Hate Crime Sentencing Enhancement Act, which increases penalties for bias crimes that take place on federal lands.